Friday, November 26, 2010

On Crime, Criminals and Love

Two of my relatives have been arrested for a  terrible crime. This post is not really about that. It is about what I have been reading about it at the online news sites and the level  of stupidity and malice that gets pointed at them in the comments. These are people that do not know my relatives and have no knowledge of the crime that was committed other than what is in the papers and online yet they feel that they have enough information to ascribe motive, speculate on the means of paying their lawyer and generally spouting off as if they have much more information than they do.

I deeply hope that my relatives will turn out not to have committed this crime. I have a hard time believing that the two people that I remember as children in teenage mutant ninja turtle pajamas could do what they have been accused of. If, however, it turns out that they are guilty I will still love them because I remember those children and those children deserve to be loved.

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