Saturday, June 21, 2008

Obama and FISA

Glenn Greenwald, as usual, says it better than I could on this one.
Telling Americans that we have to give up basic constitutional rights -- and allow rampant lawbreaking -- if we want to save ourselves from "the grave threats we face" sounds awfully familiar. He says he will work to remove amnesty from the bill, but once that fails, will vote for the "compromise." Obama has obviously calculated that sacrificing the rule of law and the Fourth Amendment is a worthwhile price to pay to bolster his standing a tiny bit in a couple of swing states.

Should I look forward to Obama's "Axis of Evil" speech too?

This is just too depressing for a Saturday Morning ... I am going back for a nap

Martha Stewart

Now this is just fucking stupid.
Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart hopes to return to the United Kingdom as soon as a reported travel ban stemming from her criminal history is "resolved," the chairman of the company she founded said Friday.
The newspaper attributed the rejection of her visa to a blanket policy banning people with criminal convictions.

A representative of the British Borders Agency would not comment on Stewart, saying only that "we continue to oppose the entry to the UK of individuals where we believe their presence in the United Kingdom is not conducive to the public good or where they have been found guilty of serious criminal offenses abroad."

What, do they think that Martha Stewart is going to run around randomly obstructing justice?

What a load of steaming bullshit.

Friday, June 20, 2008


The Ultimate Ultraportable
Ultralight at just over two pounds, and offering a stunning silhouette, the Portégé® R500 Series is the ultimate expression of executive mobility and style.

The world's thinnest widescreen 12.1-inch notebook PC with an integrated DVD-SuperMulti drive helps you make more headway every day. A compact footprint and extended battery life help ensure you'll stay productive virtually everywhere you go; while a special display lets you work indoors or out in direct sunlight. Intel® Centrino® processor technology helps you do more at once. Huge memory means you can take advantage of the latest applications to gain a competitive edge. Generous storage enables you to bring all your critical files with you. And Toshiba EasyGuard™ Technology helps safeguard and optimize your computing.

Sobering Thoughts on Energy

From The Corpus Callosum comes this
We know that we can buy more time if we all agree to vastly reduce consumption. This is proving to be difficult to implement on a wide scale.

Nobody can predict the future. I personally think it is unlikely that we will find a source of energy than can provide the same standard of living that oil provided for 6 billion people, back when the world population was only 6 billion. It is possible, though. However, it is not possible to get a meaningful estimate of the probability that the problem will be solved. If we could get some kind of consensus on a rough estimate, it would help prompt people into appropriate action. The appropriate action is for people to do what they can to conserve, while we use the remaining resources to enable even more conservation (e.g. mass transit) and to develop sustainable sources of energy.

Free-market types despise the idea of subsidies for sustainable energy and mass transit. But the free market appears to not know that it is running out of wishes.

This fits in with my own thinking on this. I wish I could be more optimistic.

A Proposal for AP

Over at Media Post there is an entertaining little bit on the AP kerfuffle.
Atlanta (AP) - The Centers for Disease Control announced today the worst food contamination in American history, warning citizens to immediately stop consuming this particular food that has already killed tens of thousands across the nation. "This is far deadlier than hemorrhagic fever or the Black Plague," said the CDC in a statement given to the AP. "This could be the end of civilization as we know it."
(for the complete story, click here and pay $2).

While it is said tongue in cheek, and there are some false premises in the piece itself, the idea isn't as completely off the wall as it sounds. There are basically 2 methods of paying for content on the internet 1) Subscriptions/pay per view and 2)Ad revenue.

AP has to decide if the pay per view method works for them. Personally, I do not think it does anymore.

I do want to note that I am NOT in favour of lifting entire pieces from any source and then "repaying" with a link. But I do think that it is silly of AP to not recognize the nature of the internet and to see that they are trying to shoehorn in a business model that simply isnt going to work for them.

[if the mediapost site needs a subscription will someone please let me know.. I AM a subscriber and it just occurred to me that others might not be able to get in]

And in Other Privacy News

From Information Week comes this news
Employees' text messages are private, even when transmitted on devices their companies pay for, a U.S. appeals court ruled this week.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday in favor of a police officer and others who claimed that the city of Ontario, Calif., violated their Fourth Amendment rights, which provide citizens with a reasonable expectation of privacy, by reading the contents of their text messages. It also ruled that the company providing the department's paging service falls under the Stored Communications Act. That means carriers cannot reveal the contents of SMS or text messages without authorization from the end user -- even if the user is an employee.

Personally I always assume that someone is reading my text messages and email ... but then I am a non-citizen living in the USA.

Bear Stearns Indictment

This does my heart good. A lot of people got hosed here...

(via Calculated Risk)

Bad For Bonds ...

No, not Barry Bonds...

These kinds of bonds

(via Calculated Risk)

Words Fail Me

At Flopping Aces there is a long dissertation on Barack Obama's "phony" birth certificate

He goes on to say that the Daily Kos “Birth Certificate” was quite clearly produced with a computer graphics program and was not simply text printed out on a pre-printed certificate form.

Get the fuck over it people, he was born in Hawaii ...

They know they are going to get their asses handed to them in November...

(via Instaputz)

FISA Friday

If this noxious piece of legislation gets through we are all a little less safe.
If Barack Obama doesn't get off his ass and say something unequivocal about this noxious piece of legislation it is going to show a lack of leadership that is quite saddening.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

John McCain and "the C word" ...what if

Not Safe For Work due to the use (15 or 20 times) of a word that John McCain used to describe his lovely and talented wife Cindy

via Atrios

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Paraphrasing Associated Press

Fuck You

More Commentary on Wes Clark

From Jesse Wendel over at The Group News Blog
Clark was a full grown adult in a room of children.

The interview was a dangerous emotional blow to McCain's reputation. Furthermore it is a strategic blow precisely because it undercuts McCain emotionally and rationally, at the core of who he (McCain) says he is. The Obama camp needs to get General Clark out in front of more and larger audiences with the same precise message.

Clark is genuinely DANGEROUS. He's not pretending to be; he is.

Take a peek for yourself to see the interview. It was terrific.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Takes one to know one?

From Wingnuts In DisguiseNoQuarter
My conviction that Barack Obama is singularly unqualified to be President grows with each passing day. And today provided another sign that this man-child is a petulant prick.

What can I say, sometimes the headlines write themselves.

Digby On Wes Clark

I have always had a soft spot for Wes Clark as well.

New Global Warming Theory

via STOAT comes this one ...
Satellite antennas transmit UHF and higher microwaves frequencies all over the planet. Because orbiting Satellites are in the vacuum of space, the microwave transmissions are scattered through our atmosphere at an accelerated rate. The Earth is a rotating electromagnetic field containing a dielectric material called water. Sending oscillating microwaves from an antenna inside a vacuum through an electromagnetic field through a dielectric material, such as water, creates radio frequency heating (also called RF heating) at the molecular level. Since our atmosphere is made of water and the Earth is covered with water and ice, Microwaves absorb into our atmosphere, oceans, and ice caps. Here we will learn briefly about Global Warming, how satellites work, the principles behind the microwave oven, and how the satellites are causing Global RF Heating. During the last 15 years the earth has rapidly increased in temperature and a great portion of the polar ice caps have melted away. This fact has caused great alarm all over the world. Scientists have been puzzled about how the temperature is increasing. One global warming theory is the "Green house Gas" theory. These gases are emitted from fossil fuel burning vehicles and block longwave radiation from leaving the earth causing global warming. Because longwave radiation reflects from solid surfaces, the earths water could not be warming for this reason. The fish the polar bears eat are leaving due to rising water temperature. "Greenhouse gasses" DO NOT raise water temperature. It was not until SPUTNIK was launched and the "Space Race" began did Global Warming become an issue. Since "Sputnik" in 1957, there have been thousands of satellites launched into outer space. These Satellites orbit Earth in "Polar" and "Geo Stationary" orbits. Global Warming history completely coincides with the history of artificial satellites and the use of microwave frequencies from outer space. Click here for a great explanation of Radio Frequency Heating.
Now, where is my tinfoil...

Stupid Shower Tricks

Your intrepid host did his best imitation of a home safety video and slipped in the shower this morning .. feeling much better now but damn that hurt for a while.

About Time

Gore finally endorses Obama.




Pics courtesy of SaabHistory and OutBlogger

PM Harper to Indian Residential School students ... sorry

Via CBC and quoted in full .. but go there for reaction and followups please!!
Mr. Speaker, I stand before you today to offer an apology to former students of Indian residential schools. The treatment of children in Indian residential schools is a sad chapter in our history.

In the 1870's, the federal government, partly in order to meet its obligation to educate aboriginal children, began to play a role in the development and administration of these schools.

Two primary objectives of the residential schools system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture.

These objectives were based on the assumption aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal.

Indeed, some sought, as it was infamously said, "to kill the Indian in the child."

Today, we recognize that this policy of assimilation was wrong, has caused great harm, and has no place in our country.

Most schools were operated as "joint ventures" with Anglican, Catholic, Presbyterian or United churches.

The government of Canada built an educational system in which very young children were often forcibly removed from their homes, often taken far from their communities.

Many were inadequately fed, clothed and housed.

All were deprived of the care and nurturing of their parents, grandparents and communities.

First Nations, Inuit and Métis languages and cultural practices were prohibited in these schools.

Tragically, some of these children died while attending residential schools and others never returned home.

The government now recognizes that the consequences of the Indian residential schools policy were profoundly negative and that this policy has had a lasting and damaging impact on aboriginal culture, heritage and language.

While some former students have spoken positively about their experiences at residential schools, these stories are far overshadowed by tragic accounts of the emotional, physical and sexual abuse and neglect of helpless children, and their separation from powerless families and communities.

The legacy of Indian residential schools has contributed to social problems that continue to exist in many communities today. It has taken extraordinary courage for the thousands of survivors that have come forward to speak publicly about the abuse they suffered.

It is a testament to their resilience as individuals and to the strength of their cultures.

Regrettably, many former students are not with us today and died never having received a full apology from the government of Canada.

The government recognizes that the absence of an apology has been an impediment to healing and reconciliation.

Therefore, on behalf of the government of Canada and all Canadians, I stand before you, in this chamber so central to our life as a country, to apologize to aboriginal peoples for Canada's role in the Indian residential schools system.

To the approximately 80,000 living former students, and all family members and communities, the government of Canada now recognizes that it was wrong to forcibly remove children from their homes and we apologize for having done this.

We now recognize that it was wrong to separate children from rich and vibrant cultures and traditions, that it created a void in many lives and communities, and we apologize for having done this.

We now recognize that, in separating children from their families, we undermined the ability of many to adequately parent their own children and sowed the seeds for generations to follow, and we apologize for having done this.

We now recognize that, far too often, these institutions gave rise to abuse or neglect and were inadequately controlled, and we apologize for failing to protect you.

Not only did you suffer these abuses as children, but as you became parents, you were powerless to protect your own children from suffering the same experience, and for this we are sorry.

The burden of this experience has been on your shoulders for far too long.

The burden is properly ours as a government, and as a country.

There is no place in Canada for the attitudes that inspired the Indian residential schools system to ever again prevail.

You have been working on recovering from this experience for a long time and in a very real sense, we are now joining you on this journey.

The government of Canada sincerely apologizes and asks the forgiveness of the aboriginal peoples of this country for failing them so profoundly.

We are sorry.

In moving towards healing, reconciliation and resolution of the sad legacy of Indian residential schools, implementation of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement agreement began on September 19, 2007.

Years of work by survivors, communities, and aboriginal organizations culminated in an agreement that gives us a new beginning and an opportunity to move forward together in partnership.

A cornerstone of the settlement agreement is the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

This commission presents a unique opportunity to educate all Canadians on the Indian residential schools system.

It will be a positive step in forging a new relationship between aboriginal peoples and other Canadians, a relationship based on the knowledge of our shared history, a respect for each other and a desire to move forward together with a renewed understanding that strong families, strong communities and vibrant cultures and traditions will contribute to a stronger Canada for all of us.

I was pleased to see this finally happen. It was indeed a very sad chapter in my country's history and it is nice to see the government finally acknowledge that it was a tragic mistake and there were some truly horrific consequences.

I have lots to differ with the Harper Government about but on this one I have to give them credit where it is due.

[thanks to commenter GlobalCitizen for the tip on this]

Pakistan vs Afghanistan?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday said his country has the right to send troops into Pakistan to fight Taliban insurgents who launch cross-border attacks.

Speaking at a news conference in the Afghan capital, Kabul, Karzai threatened to send the troops after Pakistan-based Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud, who vowed in May to send fighters into Afghanistan to wage war on foreign troops.

There are currently tens of thousands of foreign troops in Afghanistan, including about 2,500 Canadians, as part of the International Security Assistance Force created after a U.S.-led invasion toppled the former Taliban government in 2001.

Karzai said Afghanistan has the right to self-defence when it comes to the cross-border attacks.

"When they cross the territory from Pakistan to come and kill Afghans and kill coalition troops, it exactly gives us the right to go back and do the same. Therefore, Baitullah Mehsud should know that we will go after him now and hit him in his house," he said.
Why does this make me nervous?

Saudi Oil Production

And in a big "Fuck You" to George Bush ...
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- Saudi Arabia plans to increase its oil production by 200,000 barrels a day next month, the kingdom's oil minister told U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon on Sunday, according to Ban's spokesman.

The U.N. secretary-general met with Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi in the port city of Jiddah during a one-day trip to the world's largest oil producer.

Recall, just a month ago ...
It is the second time in four months that Saudi officials rejected the president's request to boost overall oil production to drive down U.S. gasoline prices.

Saudi Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi says the kingdom did boost output by 300,000 barrels a day last week, but only to make up for declining production from Venezuela and Mexico.

With friends like that ...

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

Just so that the nice folks that might wander over here from NoQuarter can see ... here is your next president's birth certificate

Obama Not a Natural Born Citizen

At least according to Larry Johnson at the wingnut expressNoQuarter
When he comes up with the Michelle Obama "Whitey" video I will take him more seriously. Until then I will keep peeking in to see what kind of bugs are crawling around his brain.

I must admit that this one is quite funny though. Ever hear of the 14th Amendment?
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.


Why do you think that the wingnuts make such a fuss about "anchor babies". Get your bullshit at least internally consistent!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tim Russert's Replacement

I think that the person that would be the best replacement for Tim Russert on Meet The Press is someone with a PhD in Political Science from Oxford and a keen sense of right and wrong and the ability to call bullshit when necessary.

Of course I mean Rachel Maddow.

Carly Fiorina for VP

Yes indeed. Let's have Carly Fiorina out there for McCain in his efforts to get low information female voters to follow him. And please please please please let's have her for VP.

The funny thing is that she is being used as an example of a successful female CEO who sees that the USA would be better off under a McCain presidency.

ummm .. that would be this Carly Fiorina ...
NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Hewlett-Packard Co. Chairman and CEO Carly Fiorina, one of the most powerful women in corporate America, is leaving the troubled computer maker after being forced out by the company's board.

Shares of HP (Research) jumped 6.9 percent in heavy trading on the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday on the news. But at one point, the stock was up as much as 10.5 percent.

"The stock is up a bit on the fact that nobody liked Carly's leadership all that much," said Robert Cihra, an analyst with Fulcrum Global Partners. "The Street had lost all faith in her and the market's hope is that anyone will be better."

Fiorina, the only female CEO at a company in the Dow Jones industrial average, had been with HP since 1999. But the company's controversial deal to buy Compaq in the spring of 2002 -- after a bruising proxy fight led by one of the Hewlett family heirs -- has not produced the shareholder returns or profits she had promised.
[emphasis added]

In other words .. she fucked up big time and got fired. not the person that I would be trotting out at my dog and pony shows if I wanted to prove that I was surrounding myself with competent people ... but that is just me

[I want to note, in case I am not clear, that I am not calling women low information voters. I am saying that there is a certain subset of people that are both female and low information voters and this is the group that McCain is trying to woo with Carly Fiorina as a surrogate]

Yet More NoQuarter Stupidity

This comment pretty much sums up the thread you will see if you go there.
Comment by HillarySupportsObamaNow | 2008-06-15 09:00:54

Thanks guys.

I just sent a link to this vile, sexist thread to every blog I could think of whose readers might be interested in knowing what kind of neanderthal, chest-thumping beauty contest that’s going on in Hillary’s remainging most ardent bastion of support.
I was trying to send a link to here of everyday there is NO TAPE, but after a month or so that got tiring.

Anyway, I’ll let you republicans and pseudo democrats get back to the frat party. I’m sure you’re downing beer out of a funnel and wearing women’s underwear on your heads.

Larry Johnson scrubbed the pictures that were most egregious but you can get a lovely idea of the kind of scumbag that hangs out at that site from reading the comments. I am sure that Hillary is so proud of her "supporters"

My Wishlist

May I have one of these please? It is only about $800k. I promise I will be a good boy!

Yeah, I am a geek.