Friday, July 4, 2008

John Rich

was the the other opening act for Gretchen Wilson. His politics suck but he is a truly tremendous performer. Here is a small taste for ya

Cowboy Troy - Hick Hop

Cowboy Troy was an opening act for Gretchen Wilson last night. Kind of an interesting style. Not a super talent but not a bad time


I went to see Gretchen Wilson last night at one of our local casinos and was struck by a very strange thing.

At one point there was an image of the Confederate flag on the video screens. Now, I know that it is a common image in country music and all but it is always something that throws me for a loop. In this case my sense of the bizarre was triggered when at the end of the song that featured that imagery they raised the American flag and played a rather nifty instrumental version of the national anthem. Driving back, my date and I both noted what a strange juxtaposition it was. Well ok, what I said was "what the fuck were they thinking with that pair of images put together".

Note to Gretchen Wilson... fix that shit .. because it was weird.

The concert though ... damn that woman can sing!!

best blog comment of the day

from Sadly, No! (naturally)
Hoosier X said,
July 3, 2008 at 20:57

I think it’s because somewhere in there is a joke about George Bush. Which means, of course, that Wall-E is a lying, liberal propaganda film bent on indoctrinating children.

If they didn’t want people to ridicule the president, they shouldn’t have offered up such a ridiculous fart bubble for the presidency.

Be nice?

I AM being nice!

Tidal Power

I am originally from Nova Scotia and was always disappointed that more was not made of tidal power there after the initial try.

Now comes news that they are trying again.

Nice to see

The Nanny State - Republican edition

The next time some wingnut says that only those of us on the DFH side are in favour of things like speed limits and so forth ... remind them of this
An influential Republican senator suggested Thursday that Congress might want to consider reimposing a national speed limit to save gasoline and possibly ease fuel prices.

Sen. John Warner, R-Virginia, asked Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman to look into what speed limit would provide optimum gasoline efficiency given current technology. He said he wants to know if the administration might support efforts in Congress to require a lower speed limit.

Reproductive Choice

Canada has justly rewarded Henry Morgentaler with the Order Of Canada.
Abortion rights activist Henry Morgentaler said Wednesday he's honoured that his work has "finally" been recognized with the country's highest civilian honour and hopes the country has set an example for governments around the world.
Best known for taking his fight to the Supreme Court and striking down the country's abortion laws 20 years ago, Morgentaler expressed surprise that those opposed to him being named to the Order of Canada have not been "more violent."
While also not shocked that the Harper government has distanced itself from the controversial decision, Morgentaler said he's proud that abortion has become "one of the safest surgical techniques" in the country.
"Women no longer die as a result of abortion, women no longer get cut up or damaged as a result of abortion, women no longer lose their fertility as a result of abortion," Morgentaler, 85, said at a media conference at his Toronto clinic.
"The situation has improved greatly over most of Canada, and I'm proud of that."
Morgentaler, who was imprisoned for 10 months for performing abortions illegally before the law was struck down and once saw his clinic bombed, said the award vindicates the personal sacrifices he has made.

It should be noted that with basically unrestricted access to abortion, and with universal healthcare, the abortion rate in Canada is only about 7% higher than in the USA. Imagine that ...

Jesse Helms is Dead (Finally)

Tbogg had the best line of the day on this one ...
Light a cross for Jesse Helms who is finished. Fertig. Verfallen. Verlumpt. Verblunget. Verkack.
There have been few politicians in recent memory that have been more unrepentently assholic than Jesse Helms.

He will not be missed.

And for anyone that says that I shouldn't speak ill of the dead ... fuck you. This man was loathesome.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Darcy Burner

Is running for Congress.
On Tuesday morning she had a fire.
She lost everything including her cat.
Give her some money so that she can take a breath from the fundraising.
Send her some love.
She is one of the good ones... look at the t-shirt.

The Great Orange Satan Speaks

and we should all obey.

Al Giordano is a talented writer and should be credentialed for the Convention.

Go sign the petition.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Laura Flanders on Medicare

Have I ever mentioned that I think Laura Flanders is truly outstanding?
Yeah, I figured that I had but go read her bit on Medicare anyway.

Sometimes it is too easy

From Crooks and Liars comes this bit of amusement about the Federal Marriage Amendment
But the funny part is looking over the list of the 10 original sponsors. Most of the names are predictable — Brownback and Inhofe, for example — but there are two others whose names stand out: Sens. David Vitter (R-La.) and Larry Craig (R-Idaho).

Yes, two of the principal sponsors of a constitutional amendment to “protect” marriage include one far-right Republican who hired prostitutes and another far-right Republican who was arrested for soliciting gay sex in an airport men’s room.
I swear, I couldn't make this shit up.


I started writing a blog last September and this is now my 500th posting here at the little site that I write for the education of my cats.

Somehow I think it says something that my two most popular posts were about Bill O'Reilly being an asshole and about Dumbledore being gay.

My personal favorite is this one about partisanship

I don't know what the next 500 posts will bring but it is gratifying to me that 10 people or so tune in every day. It is a small audience but it is an audience nonetheless and for an attention whore like me ... that is all that matters.

Thanks all.

Space Sounds

From faithful reader Global Citizen comes this bit of sound from space

OK, Now Let Me Get This Straight

Bud Day is John McCain's point man on "anti-swiftboating" detail.

Bud Fucking Day.

Mister Fucking Swiftboat.

McCain's divorce lawyer.

And Obama caved in and tossed Wes Clark under the bus.

Grow a fucking spine.

It makes me weep.

[like i said in a previous post .. i get pissed at Obama sometimes]

A Reason To Support Obama

Sure I get pissed off at him a lot .. but he is still my guy.

Remember in November that voting for McCain is not an option.

Thank you.

I am an Oracle Geek

And I am proud of it. It pays my rent. I even bought the domain (anyone that wants to hire me .. that is where my resume is).

I guess that is why this T-Shirt amuses me

Why "Christian News" is a Bad Idea

From DeadSpin, among others
OutSports comes up with this bit of news this morning: Tyson Gay, who ran the fastest recorded time in history in the 100 meters on Sunday, was referred to as Tyson Homosexual in several headlines on the site OneNewsNow; which is run by the extreme right-wing American Family Association in Tupelo, Miss.
You just can't make this shit up...

Yet More NoQuarter Stupidity

Over at wingnut central NoQuarter they have now taken to approvingly quoting Pammy the Loon and Free Republic .....

Is there any further evidence required that NoQuarter is a site for wingnuts? Any real Hillary supporter should be running far away from these bunch of idiots.

Wes Clark Is Right

I am so fucking annoyed with my candidate at the moment that I cannot even bring myself to say his name without sputtering and saying "fuck fuck fuck how can he be so fucking stupid".

It is self-evidently true that knowing how to fly jets (badly) and then getting shot down and being a prisoner of war does not make one, in and of itself, qualified to be President.

I would actually argue that after the last 7 and a half years of clusterfuckery at the hands of another flyboy it might be time to try someone that didnt know a rudder pedal from a rubber band.

But what do I know.