Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pope Francis On Feminism

From a new book 
On feminism: “Feminism, as a unique philosophy, does not do any favors to those that it claims to represent, for it puts women on the level of a vindictive battle, and a woman is much more than that. The feminist campaign of the ’20s achieved what they wanted and it is over, but a constant feminist philosophy does not give women the dignity that they deserve. As a caricature, I would say that it runs the risk of becoming chauvinism with skirts.”


Internet Comment of the day - Civility edition

 Just be advised that just because someone doesn’t use swear words doesn’t mean they can’t be a vile contemptible person, hatred of women without using a sexist slur is still hatred of women


On Confirmation Bias

If someone posts something outlandish about a public figure or corporation or organization that you despise and purports that it is true I ask you to do two simple things before reposting it approvingly or "liking" it.

  1. Type the claim into Google (or Bing if you like) and add the word "debunked" at the end.  
  2. See if the site that it comes from is a well known satire site (dailycurrant and the onion are two)
If either of those things make you think that the post was bullshit, congratulate yourself that you have overcome confirmation bias.

On Free Speech and Censorship

You have the absolute right to say any bigoted hateful ignorant thing you like. That is free speech.

I have the absolute right to say you are a bigoted hateful willfully ignorant fool if you do so. That is also free speech.

A company that you are a spokesperson for has every right to fire you because they don't want to be associated with your exercise of your free speech rights because they do not agree with the content. That is not censorship.

The President can stand up and say you are a bigoted fool. That is not censorship.

The government should not be able to throw you in jail or fine you for exercising your free speech rights. That would be censorship and it would be wrong and I would absolutely support your right to free speech in any way that I could.

This really isn't that difficult is it?

Things I am tired of Hearing - Gun Law Edition

Criminal don't obey gun laws.

By that reasoning we should have no laws because by definition criminals don't obey them. It is trite and stupid.

If you find yourself about to use this argument slap yourself for me.


Friday, May 24, 2013

On impeachment

What acts could we impeach President Obama for?
Give me a list but keep it real. No birther silliness.

Let me get you started.
Use of the military in Libya?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On praying for disaster survivors

The only person it helps is you. Think about that for a while and examine your motivation for doing it.

On Tom Coburn wanting disaster relief offsets for OK

A consistent asshole is still an asshole.

Monday, May 20, 2013

On maximizing shareholder value

It should be noted that this is not the same as making the most profit possible by any means. Value does not have to be strictly monetary.

Just a thought.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ron Lindsay Demonstrates How Not To Respond To Criticism

After one of the most baffling speaches since Rand Paul at Howard University, Ron Lindsay, CEO of the Center For Inquiry writes about one of his critics
Rebecca Watson inhabits an alternate universe.  At least that is the most charitable explanation I can provide for her recent smear.  Watson has posted comments on my opening talk at Women in Secularism 2.  It may be the most intellectually dishonest piece of writing since the last communique issued by North Korea

At the very least, the smart thing to do would be to wait until after the conference was over to get publicly assholic about the fact that lots of folks didn't like your opening talk. A talk in which you lectured folks about privilege while being apparently unaware of what the concept means and managed to not introduce any of the invited speakers. A talk in which you, a middle aged male, stood up in front of  a feminist conference and lectured on what is and isn't to be considered feminism.(link above lest you think I am being dishonest in my characterization)

Giving an opening address really isn't that hard. If you wanted to be a contrarian you could have waited until the end of the conference and said "you know, I was hoping to see something better but instead I saw this...". Instead you poisoned the well at the beginning of the conference. I am baffled at what you thought you would achieve..

Oh, did I mention that the above was posted on the sponsoring organizations main website while the conference was still going on? Nice PR move. Do you have nobody to give you publicity advice Ron?

And yes I realize that I wrote all that as if I was talking to him ... maybe I am ..  middle aged white guy to middle aged white guy telling him that yeah, sometimes you have to shut the fuck up and just listen to the folks that are being marginalized if you want to learn something new.