Monday, November 26, 2007

Rachel Maddow on the GOP strategists

Have I mentioned that someone should hire Rachel Maddoow and put her on the teevee box every single day?

Roughriders end Grey Cup drought

Defensive back James Johnson set a Grey Cup record with three interceptions, returning one for a touchdown, as the Saskatchewan Roughriders won their first championship in 18 years on Sunday.

Saskatchewan defeated Winnipeg 23-19 in the 95th Grey Cup at Rogers Centre in Toronto. The Roughriders last won a championship in 1989, when current coach Kent Austin was the starting quarterback.

I miss watching the CFL some days.
From CBC

LOLtriots at Sadly, No!

Even though the Pats barely pulled this one out this is still worth seeing just for the pictures.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stick a Fork in Fred

Thompson came into the GOP race late with the hope of winning social conservatives unsatisfied with the rest of the party's field, and racked up a key endorsement from the National Right to Life Committee last week.

But the former star of the television drama "Law and Order" has trailed the GOP front-runners in early voting states since entering the race in August, and his support in New Hampshire dropped from 13 percent in a September poll to 4 percent in November's survey.

He's done

Saudi Government needs a new PR firm

The government statement said that according to the woman's signed confession, she called a man on her cell phone and "asked to be with him alone, illegally." The two met at a marketplace, then rode in the man's car to "a dark area of the beach, and stayed there for some time," the ministry said.

The group of attackers "saw her in a compromising situation, her clothes on the ground," the statement said. "The men at this point assaulted her and the man with her."

Well Of course that makes all the difference in the world. If a group of thugs sees two people making out they naturally should assume that it is ok to gang rape the woman. Especially since they know that she is unlikely to report the crime because the assholes that run the country think that women are evil temptresses and should be treated as such.

Why exactly does the Saudi government think that this bit of information makes them look any better? As a father I would like to think that it was Ok for my daughter to make out in the park with her boyfriend without risking gang rape from passing assholes.

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