Friday, March 29, 2013

On the monsanto protection act

I would remind folks that presidents do not have a line item veto. The bill the provision is embedded in had to pass.
Stop talking about it like it was a standalone bill and learn how the system actually works.

Oh, you know how it works? Then you are just being a troll.

On differences

Is there any functional difference between someone that says "I am against marriage equality for religious reasons" and someone that says "I am against marriage equality because I hate f**s"?

My opinion might surprise you because I think that the latter person can be reasoned with more easily.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A quiz for believers and non-beleivers

Do you believe in God?
Do you have a book(or books) that most influences your sense of morality or ethics or justice?
Do you think that human life begins at conception? Why or why not?
Do you think that there is such a thing as a soul? If so, is it only humans that have one?
What is your opinion on homosexuality?
What is your opinion on same sex marriage?
Would you vote for a Christian for president?
A Muslim?
An atheist?
A Jew?
Do you consider yourself left, right or centrist politically?

My answers will follow in a few days

On True Christians

It is quite remarkable how different groups of Christians disagree quite vehemently on what it means.

On religion and ethical behavior

The latter is not dependent upon the former.

On single issue voters

They are stupid.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On Joey Logano

I find it amusing that many of the same people that said he was too passive and should stand up for himself are now saying that he was in the wrong for  dumping Denny Hamlin and blocking Tony Stewart.

The fact that Hamlin was injured does not mean that what Logano did was out of place.

The fact that Stewart got pissed off does not mean that what Logano did was out of place.

I am more concerned by the fact that he took his eye off the ball and let Kyle Busch win the race.