Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to make friends and influence people - Sarkozy style

Sarkozy skewered as he denies snub on world leaders | TPM News Pages
"Dim, callow, irrelevant -- Sarko's verdict on fellow leaders" said Britain's The Guardian, while The Times called him a "bitchy little princess" and Spain's ABC said he "confirmed his superiority complex has no limits."

He has a state visit to SPain scheduled for May. I hope it is tomato season, that should be fun to watch.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just because

My 13 year old daughter left today after a too short stay and since I am missing her horribly I thought I would share a little Nova Scotian music with folks

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rick Moran: A Conservative that seems to get it

Right Wing Nut House » The Beckian Wing of Conservatism
You can argue that I’m an idiot for believing this as many of you have and no doubt will continue to do so. But Beck and others like him, who constantly raise the specter of American doom, of Obama as commissar, the Democrats as Nazis, while imploring listeners to “take the country back” and start some kind of “revolution” are bat sh*t dangerous to the conservative movement. I am not convinced, as many on the left seem to be, that any of this hyperbolic rhetoric will lead to a massive outbreak of violence. But there is little doubt it marginalizes conservatives even more than they were on November 5 of last year and unless the tables can be turned and the Beck’s of the movement are themselves tossed to the sidelines, I fear that conservatism - yours, mine, the paleos, the neocons, the elites, and every kind of conservatism in between - will achieve the same kind of irrelvancy that liberalism experienced (for many of the same reasons) for much of the two decades preceding Obama’s election.

I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who said that “Hell is a place where you have nothing to do but amuse yourself.” It is my belief that unless the Beckian wing of the hard right is marginalized, we conseratives are going to learn the truth of that adage very shortly.

I rarely link to a right wing blog unless it is to make fun of them or to shake my head in wonder at the stupidity of it all.

Rick Moran is an exception to this. I do not agree with his politics but he understands that the Limbaughs, Hannitys and Becks of the wingnut fringe of his party have taken over. He also understands that if it doesn't stop, there is no hope for a resurgence of the GOP as anything other than a regional rump having no power. While I am definitely not a GOP supporter I think that it would be kind of sad to see them end up remembered in much the same way as the Whigs.