Sunday, June 7, 2009

A little Neil Diamond

Anyone that thinks of Neil Diamond just for some of the wussier shit he produced late in his career these might give them pause.

Holly Holy

I am, I said

Brother Love's Travelling Salvation show. This one has about 90 seconds of wonderful stuff up front with Neil and Johnny Cash.

Things that I have sung in public

(no, I am not actually singing in any of these, just are things that real live people have seen me sing)

The Prisoner's Chorus, from Beethoven's only opera, Fidelio.

From back in high school, Nicht wandle, mein Licht. This is from Brahms Liebeslieder Walzers .. or "The Love Song Waltzes"

Did this one at a variety show for the drama department at Acadia University.. about .. oh .. a million years ago with my girlfriend at the time.

And finally, something I have done in church

Eine Kleine Wagner

Anyone that hasn't heard Ride of the Valkyries has lived in a cave since about 1979.

Then a little Tannhauser

And closing with Siegfried's Funeral March from Gotterdammerung

Compare and Contrast

Nessun Dorma this time ..

First Jussi Bjorling

Then, of course, Pavarotti

and finally ... the one you have all been waiting for Paul Potts. I think that he is very talented but I also think that you can see the difference between a wonderfully talented amateur and someone that really has spend a lifetime perfecting their craft.

Some A capella with The Nylons

This is one of my favorite songs to sing in the shower

Actually, this one is too

And not of my faves .. but it has the original lineup. Even when they suck they are better than 99.44% of the crap on the radio now.

A little Paul Robeson

I am a tenor and so I can listen to Paul Robeson without envy but merely with awe.

First, Old Man River

THen, Gloomy Sunday

And finally, fittingly I think .. Let My People Go

Paul Robeson has always been a personal hero of mine. Not merely because he was possessed of an amazing voice but because he risked everything for his political views. One does not have to agree with him to see him as a great man.

Summertime - Compare and Contrast

First Kiri Te Kanawa, by far my favorite female opera singer that is alive.

and then Ken Anderson (who I had not heard of tonight but you will see more of on here)

and finally ... Billie Holiday

Christina Aguilera does a little Gershwin

Just because I love just about anything Gershwin, here is Christina Aguilera at the 2008 Grammy Awards.