Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yves Smith has a nasty case of ODS

Why Isn’t Obama Plan to Put Foreign Companies Above the Law an Impeachable Offense? « naked capitalism: "Let’s set aside the fact that no current Congress will stand in the way of a pro-business measure. I’d like readers to tell me whether they think this initiative is an impeachable offense. Does this sort of effort to gut US laws rise to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors“? "

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

New goal

Just thinking that it would be fun if every single day I got more than 100 pageviews on here.

Probably need more kitten pics

On the Men's Rights Movement

The Problem with the Men’s Rights Movement: "The men’s rights movement wants men to keep picking at their scabs, to wallow in self-pity for all eternity. That’s not a satisfying goal for me, or countless other men who want to rise out of the mud. Until MRAs address this issue, their movement will be stuck in  neutral, regardless of their occasional victories. "

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On The Unfrugal CEO

Study: Companies run by ostentatiously wealthy CEOs more likely to perpetrate fraud - The Washington Post: "Companies run by unfrugal CEOs are significantly more likely to engage in large acquisitions, to invest less in long-term organic growth, to operate assets in place less efficiently, to generate inferior subsequent accounting and 34 stock return per dollar of corporate investment, and to go bankrupt, suggesting a pattern of low frugality with regard to the stewardship of corporate resources. "

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On Ross Douthat's Latest Stupidity

"Nobody's talking censorship. Douthat has the right to say anything he wants, no matter how untrue, ignorant, obnoxious, racist or inflammatory he wants. He does not have a right to lie outright and hurtle utterly specious charges in the NY Times, however. This is far beyond "fit to print." "

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So How Tall Are Basketball Players Anyway?

Some Thoughts On The End of Chicago’s Pre-Draft Camp « | Hang Time Blog: "Players are measured without shoes to get an actual height and with shoes in agreement with how the measurement will show up in rosters next season. It was Connecticut center Andre Drummond who went all Herman Munster on the footwear this year: 6-9 ¾ without shoes and 6-11 ¾ with."

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Cynic of the day - Yves Smith

Links 6/10/12 « naked capitalism: "Huffington Post. Yeah, right. He might be injured, but I’m cynical enough to suspect he just wasn’t training that well and was “retired” to maximize his stud value."

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This was her comment regarding I'll Have Another's scratching from the Belmont Stakes. Everyone else that I saw was impressed that the horse's trainer did the right thing. Not sure precisely when Yves became a crank but her site is getting to the point where it is nearly as hard to read as Tyler Durden's place. And that is very sad because I used to like her stuff a lot.