Saturday, June 23, 2012

On Confronting Evil

d r i f t g l a s s: Crimestop, Centrism and You: "
Its easy to inveigh against villains when they carry pitchforks and reek of sulfur.
 How much harder it is when they're three levels above you on the respectable media's informal  organization chart."

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Video - Dave Grohl talking about Jamming with Prince.

Jacques Villeneuve has A very small Penis

Only thing that explains the bush league move he made at the end of the Nationwide race today.

Quote from him "it had nothing to do with me so I really don't care".

What a douchebag.

Zandar Gets It About Right

Zandar Versus The Stupid: Chart Of The Day: "Corporate profits up to record highs.  Wages down to a record low.  Keep telling yourself that Obama's policies are killing businesses, that they're too broke to pay more in taxes or invest in employee benefits, and that greedy unions are wiping out America's ability to profit. "

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On How The Sun Shines - Christian Fundamentalist Edition

Top 5 Lies Taught By Accelerated Christian Education « Leaving Fundamentalism: "The nuclear fusion theory of how the sun emits heat and light is an invention of evolution scientists… All other theories require the sun to use up all its energy sooner than the evolutionists’ invented timetable would allow. "

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Wonkette On Ron Paul

Ron Paul: An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle Wrapped in the Constitution: " He did not say why, exactly, Social Security is unconstitutional (although Your Wonkette suspects it has something to do with his poor grasp of a common law system), "

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Lou Dobbs - Asshole

Lou Dobbs' Sneering, Fact-Challenged Interview With Jose Antonio Vargas | Media Matters for America: "It's unclear why Dobbs felt the need to tell a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist to "accept" that the language of the U.S. is "English." But it's long been clear that the terms "illegals" and "illegal immigrants" are offensive to the immigrant community: even Fox reported (on its Fox News Latino site) that "almost half of Latino voters" find the term "illegal immigrant" offensive. So it isn't "nonsense" for Vargas to challenge Dobbs' terminology. "

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WTF - Adidas Edition

The Rag Blog: Travis Waldron : Adidas and the 'Shackle Shoe': "That’s the new Adidas JS Roundhouse Mid, a basketball shoe that was set to debut in August and was aimed at those who have “a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles.” The shoe’s rather unsubtle use of shackles has, understandably, drawn criticism for symbolizing slavery and prison chains. "

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nice Company You Keep, Tom Tancredo

Former Congressman Tancredo to Address White Supremacists | Hatewatch | Southern Poverty Law Center: "Sharing the dais with Tancredo will be a rogue’s gallery of the racist right, including James Edwards, who hosts the white nationalist Political Cesspool radio show; Don Black, the former Klansman best known for creating, the first major Internet hate site; and Leonard Wilson, a longtime segregationist and Alabama commander for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a neo-Confederate group that, like Tancredo, staunchly opposes immigration. "

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Romney Didn't Go To Law School?

Romney Says Without Him, US Will Become 'Like Europe' - Yahoo! News:
 ". I didn't go to law school"

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except he has a JD from Harvard...

Let The Impeachment Begin!

Santorum: Obama Broke Oath of Office with Immigration, DOMA Policies | Video Cafe: "Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Sunday accused President Barack Obama of essentially breaking his oath office by refusing to "faithfully execute" U.S. laws. "

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Video - Evanescence - My Immortal

yeah, it is going to be one of THOSE Sundays.

I really am not good at being single.

Yeah, That was the point of Stonewall

Obama Celebrates Anti-Police Riot Started at Mafia-Owned Bar for Transvestites |
"( - At a White House reception held Friday evening in honor of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Pride month, President Barack Obama celebrated a 1969 anti-police riot that started in what the New York Times reports was an illegal Mafia-owned bar for transvestites. "

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Video - Matt Minglewood - Price He Pays

Guess I am feeling a little homesick today.

Video - Matt Minglewood - Can't You See (live)

With apologies to The Marshall Tucker Band, I think this is the best version of the song that exists

Audio - Jim Croce - Photographs And Memories

This is such a wonderful little song

Video - Jim Croce - Operator

Another one that died too young

Data Art Considered Harmful?

Visual Business Intelligence - Data Art vs. Data Visualization: Why Does a Distinction Matter?:
 "How in particular is data art—visualizations that strive to entertain or to create aesthetic experiences with little concern for informing—harmful when it masquerades as data visualization?

  1.  It suggests that data cannot be visualized without training in the graphic arts. As such, it works against the democratization of data. In fact, anyone of reasonable intelligence and a little training can present data effectively. It’s vital that this ability spreads more broadly across the population, because it can play a role in making a better world.
  2. It features ineffective practices as exemplars of data visualization. It encourages people to present data in ways that are difficult to perceive and understand simply because they are prettier or more entertaining, which is rarely relevant to the task.
  3. It keeps the practice of data visualization spinning its wheels, never able to progress beyond the mistakes of the past. Best practices of data visualization have emerged through many years of research and experience. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (Santayana).  "

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Reading Alan Weiss

"Value is often a function of not agreeing, not being supportive, and not being a "yes person." How willing are you to disagree, question basic premises, and refuse impossible expectations?"
from Value Based Fees - How To Charge - And Get - What You are Worth

On Nice Guys and Bad Boys

“The problem nice guys have is they put women on pedestals and themselves in a pit.” — The Good Men Project:
" Want to know the most important difference between a bad boy and a nice guy? A nice guy asks what can I do to win this girl. A bad boy either sees himself as the prize or doesn’t believe women are a prize."

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On Blow Jobs

Blow Job by TADAO CERN from Tadao Cern on Vimeo.

Oh, come on. You didn't think I was going to really post THAT kind of video did you?

Best Couple Description Ever

Relationship Hacks… by Scott and Mo Hanselman [PDF/iPad/Kindle]: "Scott and Mo have been married for a very long time. Mo is a well-balanced, well-educated thoughtful person with an advanced degree who always sends a thoughtful note and a thank you card. Scott is a programmer. "

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Delayed, Not Denied

Suu Kyi accepts Nobel prize - Associated Press - "Suu Kyi received two standing ovations inside Oslo's city hall as she gave her long-delayed acceptance speech to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in front of Norway's King Harald, Queen Sonja and about 600 dignitaries. The 66-year-old champion of political freedom praised the power of her 1991 Nobel honor both for saving her from the depths of personal despair and shining an enduring spotlight on injustices in distant Myanmar. "

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The End Of Irony

Executive Overreach - By John Yoo - The Corner - National Review Online: " Executive Overreach By John Yoo"

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Just as an FYI. John Woo is the guy that wrote the Torture Memos

On The Sins of The Parents

Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community: "Are you offended that these kids will no longer be punished for their parents' decisions? "

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Kirsten Gillibrand is My Senator

Daily Kos: The big Senate debate on food stamps: Is feeding the poor moral?: ""In Matthew 25, the first question Christ asks on Judgement Day is, 'Did you feed the poor?'" Gillibrand said, referring to the first book of the New Testament. "It's unacceptable that we have Republican advocates who are saying it's immoral to support food stamps." "

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on civility and power

It's So Rude When You Destroy People's Lives and They Get UPSET About It - First Draft: "Look, this is why the civility bullshit and the constant lamenting of partisanship and the lauding of bloodless objectivity above all else is so pernicious. The only thing civility in politics serves is incumbent power. It's always going to be rude to stand up for yourself in the face of bullying. It's always going to be an affront to those who want to keep you in your place when you try to break out of it. Incivility is the POINT. DIsruption of the status quo is the POINT. Otherwise you don't get anywhere, because what incentive is there to give you what you want? 

 Moreover, this fight should be bloody and it should be hard. You should have to look at the people your politics affect. You should have to tell them, face to face with their anger, why you're doing what you're doing. You OWE them that. Otherwise we're all just constructs, just pieces moving around on the board, and I know it's fun to play that on the Sunday shows but that's television, come on. We have a right to put our own faces to the things that affect us, to say, this is not an abstraction. "

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