Sunday, June 17, 2012

on civility and power

It's So Rude When You Destroy People's Lives and They Get UPSET About It - First Draft: "Look, this is why the civility bullshit and the constant lamenting of partisanship and the lauding of bloodless objectivity above all else is so pernicious. The only thing civility in politics serves is incumbent power. It's always going to be rude to stand up for yourself in the face of bullying. It's always going to be an affront to those who want to keep you in your place when you try to break out of it. Incivility is the POINT. DIsruption of the status quo is the POINT. Otherwise you don't get anywhere, because what incentive is there to give you what you want? 

 Moreover, this fight should be bloody and it should be hard. You should have to look at the people your politics affect. You should have to tell them, face to face with their anger, why you're doing what you're doing. You OWE them that. Otherwise we're all just constructs, just pieces moving around on the board, and I know it's fun to play that on the Sunday shows but that's television, come on. We have a right to put our own faces to the things that affect us, to say, this is not an abstraction. "

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