Saturday, March 9, 2013

another gun proponent gunned down

This isn't even ironic anymore, just sad.

Police say that at around 10:30 p.m. the woman’s husband, Wayne Bengston, came to the house and then shot Rodriguez and brutally beat his wife.
Police say Bengston then drove off with his 2-year old son who had been sleeping in the house and drove away.
He left the boy unharmed with a relative and then drove to his house in West Glacier.
That’s where Flathead County deputies and a SWAT team found his truck.
Authorities say they attempted to contact Bengston with no success, and when they entered his house they found Bengston dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

Gregory Rodriguez not only hosted his own hunting show. He was also an editor of Shooting Times and wrote for Guns & Ammo magazine. He was also the CEO of Global Adventure Outfitters, a hunting supply store. 

But no, guns don't kill people...

On Term Limits for Elected Politicians

They are a stupid idea.

What invariably happens is that you end up with even more of a lobbyist run environment than we have now. in addition, when an elected politician cannot get reelected s/he will often work towards getting set up for a post-politics career. There is nothing wrong with having the profession of public servant.

RIP Stomping Tom Connors

A musical giant passes.

On Libertarianism and Feudalism

It is my firmly held position, open to debate of course, that Libertarianism would nearly inevitably degenerate into feudalism. Interestingly, I have found the most naive refutation of this ever over at Reddit.

Well, you wouldn't be born into serfdom/slavery, you would be able to leave service anytime you wanted for a better offer, and you would be able to, through hard work and smarts, become a "lord" yourself or band together and resist them as a group. Those are some of the bigger differences. Also, in a minimally governed society you would be cutting out millions of of middle-man bureaucrats which you have to support today, so even if you had to pay some feudal type lord something, it would likely not be more than 5% or 10% as opposed to what most people pay now which is 25%-30% right off the top and another 30%-40% in tons of small fines, taxes, fees, excises and passed on costs. You'd work less than half as much for more gain - but more people would be working to shoulder the load.

To My Liberal Friends

If you think that Rand Paul's filibuster was about his deep love for civil liberties, I have some very nice bridges to sell you.

On Christians as a persecuted Minority

Perhaps this is true in some countries but it is not the case in the United States. Anyone that says otherwise is simply being willfully ignorant of the facts.

on Drones

I really don't have a problem with the use of armed drones instead of sending in a Seal team or sending in a flight of fighter/bombers. I do have a problem that Congress has abdicated its oversight of any such program.