Saturday, March 9, 2013

On Libertarianism and Feudalism

It is my firmly held position, open to debate of course, that Libertarianism would nearly inevitably degenerate into feudalism. Interestingly, I have found the most naive refutation of this ever over at Reddit.

Well, you wouldn't be born into serfdom/slavery, you would be able to leave service anytime you wanted for a better offer, and you would be able to, through hard work and smarts, become a "lord" yourself or band together and resist them as a group. Those are some of the bigger differences. Also, in a minimally governed society you would be cutting out millions of of middle-man bureaucrats which you have to support today, so even if you had to pay some feudal type lord something, it would likely not be more than 5% or 10% as opposed to what most people pay now which is 25%-30% right off the top and another 30%-40% in tons of small fines, taxes, fees, excises and passed on costs. You'd work less than half as much for more gain - but more people would be working to shoulder the load.

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