Thursday, March 5, 2009


Entirely too funny. And entirely too true.
That is entirely too sad for words.

Barack Obama: Muddling Centrist

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Sure, what is happening is more “liberal” than what we have seen the last decade (and considering Clinton was no flaming liberal either, we could say several decades), and yes, the budget is large and made me want to vomit when I first saw the number. But this is not socialism, we are not “soaking the rich,” etc. Nothing radical has happened at all, and if anything, it is the far left who has every right to be pissed impatient because Obama is moving so slowly and so cautiously, and from a progressive standpoint is little more than a muddling centrist.

Once again, I read the work of others and find nothing to say other than, go read it.

Karen Tumulty in Time

The Health-Care Crisis Hits Home - TIME
When we talk about health-care reform, we usually start with the problem of the roughly 45 million (and rising) uninsured Americans who have no health coverage at all. But Pat represents the shadow problem facing an additional 25 million people who spend more than 10% of their income on out-of-pocket medical costs. They are the underinsured, who may be all the more vulnerable because, until a health catastrophe hits, they're often blind to the danger they're in. In a 2005 Harvard University study of more than 1,700 bankruptcies across the country, researchers found that medical problems were behind half of them — and three-quarters of those bankrupt people actually had health insurance. As Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law professor who helped conduct the study, wrote in the Washington Post, "Nobody's safe ... A comfortable middle-class lifestyle? Good education? Decent job? No safeguards there. Most of the medically bankrupt were middle-class homeowners who had been to college and had responsible jobs — until illness struck."

This article should be required reading for every American who thinks that they have decent health insurance. I know it scared the shit out of me.

TBogg strikes again

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But no, he didn't, and norbizness, commenting over at LG&M, explains their completely reasonable response:

Yeah, if the marginal tax rate on my 250,001th dollar meant I kept 62 cents of it rather than 65 cents (or whatever the increase would be), I would pretty much go apeshit and fire everyone.

I will miss our Don't Understand the Marginal Tax Rate Overlords. I can only hope my favorite barista makes $249,999 a year or less because 7/11 coffee sucks and my day might come to a grinding halt if it's not freshly ground.

I can add nothing to this. But then I generally can't to his posts.