Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fearless Predictions for 2012

I have never done this before but why not ...

  1. Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee
  2. President Obama will win re-election but with less than 50% of the vote due to a 3rd party run by someone, probably Ron Paul but maybe Evan Bayh.
  3. The Eurozone will NOT collapse. It might wobble and might even lose a country or two but it will still be alive at the end of 2012
  4. GOP will hold the House and take control of the Senate
  5. Joe Biden will not be Obama's running mate.
  6. New England Patriots will win the SuperBowl
  7. Toronto Argonauts will win the Grey Cup (Hey, I am Canadian)
  8. Miami Heat will defeat the Clippers in the NBA finals 
Check back next Dec 31

Mitt Romney Might Not Be a Pandering Asshole

Livewire | TPM: "In Iowa Saturday, Mitt Romney said as president he would veto the Dream Act if Congress sent it to his desk. A version of the Dream Act that almost passed Congress last December would provide a legal pathway to citizenship for immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents as children. “The question is, if I were elected and Congress were to pass the Dream Act, would I veto it? And the answer is yes,” Romney said.


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If Life Begins at Conception

Balloon Juice » Can’t have both: "Conservatives and libertarians can seat as many round tables as they care to, but they can’t dodge this simple truth: if a fertilized egg has constitutional rights, women cannot have equal rights with men."

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Obama vs Paul

What’s Challenging About Paul? : Lawyers, Guns & Money: " If you want to say that Obama/Paul is a clash between lesser and greater evils I don’t have any objection to that, but Paul is very much more evil, and it’s not close."

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Mitt Romney's Effective Tax Rate

My guess is that it is well under 20%.

When he releases his tax returns he is fucked and he knows it. I am guessing that he is going to try to delay long enough to get to Super Tuesday.

Sexually harassed? Quit your job!

So says Ron Paul.
"Employee rights are said to be valid when employers pressure employees into sexual activity," Paul wrote. "Why don't they quit once the so-called harassment starts? Obviously the morals of the harasser cannot be defended, but how can the harassee escape some responsibility for the problem? Seeking protection under civil rights legislation is hardly acceptable."



Ron Paul Wants To Abolish the Fed

What should it be replaced with? You cannot simply shut down a country's central bank without creating chaos.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Analogy Fail

Newt Gingrich Compares His Failure To Make The Virginia Ballot To The Pearl Harbor Attack | ThinkProgress: "Gingrich, who fashions himself as an historian, frequently employs Peal Harbor analogies and anecdotes. In fact, he has co-authored an historical fiction book about Pearl Harbor, which literary critics blasted for its shoddy quality.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

On Why Liberals Should Support Ron Paul

I got nothin'.

Is there any reason that someone like me should have anything other than contempt for Ron Paul as a possible President?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Comment of the day - Politico Edition - For the irony challenged

Black Friday shopping takes a dark turn - Associated Press -
"These lowlifers were educated in our public schools, the only solution to this problem is too shut the doors of these schools and burn down the buildings in order to keep these braindead animales from gathering in one place and they should all be spayed or nuterd so they cant breed any more."

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Back To Blogging Soon

The world has intruded and kept me a little short of blogging time over the last while. Should be rounding back into shape over the next couple weeks and certainly after the new year.

Lots of changes and maybe some new topics to blog about.

Stay tuned

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Matt Yglesias Has Lost His Mind

Let Children Vote | ThinkProgress: "Via Jonathan Bernstein, Sally Kohn writes about a campaign in Lowell, Massachusetts to let seventeen year-olds vote in local elections. More power to them, but I say let any American citizen vote in any American election he or she wants to"

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Money Laundering?

Daily Kos: Perry campaign laundering money through big donors' children?: "Barry, Marijane, and their son Wyatt, a sophomore at Texas A&M University, donated the maximum allowed, $2,500, according to campaign finance disclosures. Their only daughter, who appears to be of middle school age judging from her dad's campaign website, also donated $2,500. And one of her brothers, who is a junior in high school according to his Twitter feed, donated $1,000. Smitherman declined to respond to questions from The Huffington Post about whether the money belonged to his children or to him.


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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Read The Comments

Ron Paul: End U.S. student loans - Associated Press - "WASHINGTON — Republican presidential contender Ron Paul said Sunday he wants to end federal student loans, calling it a failed program that has put students $1 trillion in debt when there are no jobs and when the quality of education has deteriorated.


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Time Warner Cable - A Great Place To Work

Balloon Juice » Time Warner Ordered Employee to Stop Administering CPR to Dying Co-Worker and Get Back to Work: "A Time Warner customer service representative, Julia Nelson, died at her desk at a Time Warner customer call center in Garfield Heights, Ohio last month. It turns out that a Time Warner employee (who refused to be interviewed on camera) began to administer CPR to the dying woman, but was ordered by a supervisor to stop, and to get back to work. The employee also said that another boss told her that she could be held liable in the event that something went wrong as a result of the potentially life-saving treatment that see was performing on Nelson.


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Daily Kos: Occupy Wall Street is not difficult to understand: "The message is very straightforward. It is not difficult to understand. If it is difficult to understand, or if it seems like socialism or communism to you, or if these pleas for basic fairness in the way governments treat their citizens sound radical to your ears, then the fault is yours and yours alone. Those demands were not outrageous in previous decades, so demands to return to similar policies can hardly be considered radical now. If you have your head so very far up a rich man's ass that you think "not a penny more charged to the rich because that would be socialism" is a reasonable statement, but "repair financial regulations whose dismantling helped lead to economic collapse" is in fact the more crazy of the two statements, then there is no hope for you. Perhaps you are merely an oligarch.


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Saturday, October 22, 2011

What The FIlibuster "saved us from"

Opinion: How I Learned to Love the Filibuster - WNYC:

"Obama and company would have likely been able to go much farther than the vast majority would have wanted them to in regards to health care reform and passed actual socialized healthcare legislation, without the filibuster, as well as not needed to pay for the program without moderates pressing that issue.

Without the filibuster, the stimulus package Obama passed would have been much more wasteful and directed even more so at special interest groups beholden to the left, just as the stimulus package Bush passed would have been the mirror opposite"

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Solomon Kleinsmith wanks away at his "aren't we great in the center" BS again.

There is no possible chance that there were 50 votes for "socialized health care legislation". That is just fucking fantasy. Further, President Obama has shown no tendency in that direction, ever.

As for the stimulus package ... if it would have been a 1.5 trillion dollar package that consisted of simply hiring people to dig and then fill in holes in the ground for 2 years then it would have increased aggregate demand and folks would have bought things and companies would have been looking to hire folks.

And people ask me why I think these soi disant centrist types are a bigger danger to our country than the GOP.


Comment Of The Day - PJMedia Edition

The PJ Tatler » A Comment About Bizarre neo-swastika reminiscent of “The Great Dictator” used as power symbol by OWS leaders: "First they came for the #s,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a #.

Then they came for the @s,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a @.

Then they came for the /s,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a /.

Then they came for :.
and there was no one left to speak out for :."

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Andrew Breitbart is still an idiot

» ** UPDATE: White House Denies **Was President Obama Really Sitting in Front of an Assembly Line in this Video? - Big Government: "President Obama delivered his weekly address to the nation from Detroit, Michigan this week after visiting workers at a GM assembly plant. When the video hit at, our tip box suddenly became very active with people claiming that the President was actually sitting in front of a green screen and the background image was really a composite image of an assembly line.

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Interesting Little Car

Tata Motors Mini CAT Air Car to debut in 2012 | Car Advice | Reviews: "Tata Motors and ex-Formula One engineer Guy N. from a Luxembourg MDI have come up with a car that runs on air. Dubbed the Tata Mini CAT, or Air Car, the environmentally-friendly car uses no petrol, requires little maintenance and has a range of around 300km between re-gassing. Tata hopes to have it on the market in India in 2012.


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Friday, October 21, 2011

Nom Nom Nom

The birthers eat their own - The Washington Post: "The people who brought you the Barack Obama birth-certificate hullabaloo now have a new target: Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a man often speculated to be the next Republican vice presidential nominee. While they’re at it, they also have Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of Louisiana and perhaps a future presidential candidate, in their sights."

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Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Poorer

First look at US pay data, it’s awful | David Cay Johnston:
"There were fewer jobs and they paid less last year, except at the very top where, the number of people making more than $1 million increased by 20 percent over 2009.

The median paycheck — half made more, half less — fell again in 2010, down 1.2 percent to $26,364. That works out to $507 a week, the lowest level, after adjusting for inflation, since 1999.

The number of Americans with any work fell again last year, down by more than a half million from 2009 to less than 150.4 million."

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Anderson Cooper Apologizes for Repeating Lie that 47% of Americans Don't Pay Taxes During GOP Debate | Video Cafe

Anderson Cooper Apologizes for Repeating Lie that 47% of Americans Don't Pay Taxes During GOP Debate | Video Cafe: "I came close to posting this bit the night of the debate and slamming Anderson Cooper for repeating the right-wing lie that 47% of Americans don't pay any taxes at all, conflating income taxes with the average levels of taxation that all Americans pay for plenty of other things, and Cooper beat me to it by offering this apology for his misstatement during the CNN GOP debate this week which he moderated.


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The simplest possible RFID emulator

Very Cool

No True Scotsman - Climate Skeptic Edition

I wondered how LuboŇ° Motl was going to spin this result away:

Let's just assume, for a moment, that the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study is legit. What exactly did they find? Well, in a nutshell, global warming is definitely real. Since the mid-1950s, average global land temperatures have risen by nearly two degrees Fahrenheit. For what it's worth, this agrees very closely with previous global warming studies that were dismissed by skeptics for one reason or another. The Berkeley study also found that pretty much everything that climate change skeptics used to discredit previous studies ultimately made no statistically significant differences to the overall result.

I am not surprised:

In the video below, Andrew Revkin says that a "skeptic confirms substantial recent global warming". This is not a truly valid proposition because Richard Muller is no skeptic: realizing that Michael Mann has made things that can't be tolerated in science is nice and it may make you a heretic among some hardcore believers but it's not enough for you to be a genuine climate skeptic.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And So It Begins - Manic Progressives falling out of love with Warren already?

Elizabeth Warren’s Jobs Plan: War with Iran « naked capitalism:
"As much as your humble blogger still regards Elizabeth Warren as preferable to Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race, the evidence from her campaign is that she is no progressive, unless you define “progressive” to mean “centrist/Hamilton Project Democrat willing to throw a few extra bones to the average Joe.”

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I wondered how long it was going to take for folks to start saying things like this. I have to admit that I figured they would at least wait until she won the election.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

RIP - Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie: the other man inside your iPhone | Technology | The Observer: "It's funny how fickle fame can be. One week Steve Jobs dies and his death tops the news agendas in dozens of countries. Just over a week later, Dennis Ritchie dies and nobody – except for a few geeks – notices. And yet his work touched the lives of far more people than anything Steve Jobs ever did. In fact if you're reading this online then the chances are that the router which connects you to the internet is running a descendant of the software that Ritchie and his colleague Ken Thompson created in 1969.


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Basement Scraper?

Humans Invent | Innovation, Craftsmanship & Design: "t could be time to say sayonara to the skyscraper and hello to underground living. If Mexican architects have their way we’ll all be living in Earthscrapers over 30 stories below ground. Forget loft living, the next trend might be subterranean suburbia.

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On Firedoglake and Rush

They Shoot Warlords, Don’t They? | TBogg: "I do admit I’m a bit startled that in essence they’re agreeing with Rushbo. I use that fat fuck as a barometer….if he’s thinking this way, I lean that way."

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Not The Onion But Just As Funny

Homeopathic economist suggests injecting ‘up to £1’ into economy | NewsBiscuit: "Harliton has calculated that £1 invested properly will completely cure the world economy. “The key is to find the correct dilution.”, explained Harliton, “I know £1 sounds a lot but if it’s introduced in 10p doses throughout the year, the economy will soon return to a balanced state. I’ve already written a series of post-dated prescriptions from my chakra book.”


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"March" - Kat Maslich-Bode

Just Beautiful

Saturday, October 15, 2011

GlobalRevolution Live Feed

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

Wherein David Dayen Has Trouble Reading

White House Starts a Mini-War in Africa | FDL News Desk:
"The Administration’s claimed legal justification comes from a law called the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009, originally sponsored by Russ Feingold. Human Rights Watch were among the endorsers of the bill. I’m not sure this is what they had in mind. The bill authorizes the President to “provide additional assistance” to the region affected by the LRA, but there is absolutely nothing explicit about the deployment of combat forces in that law. The Constitution reserves the power to declare war to Congress alone, and they did not do that in the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009. There’s a clause about “political, economic, military, and intelligence support” that I suppose is the thin reed upon which this all hangs. The signing statement by the President after passage of the law says absolutely nothing about the deployment of forces."

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the clause says ...

(1) providing political, economic, military, and intelligence support for viable multilateral efforts to protect civilians from the Lord’s Resistance Army, to apprehend or remove Joseph Kony and his top commanders from the battlefield in the continued absence of a negotiated solution, and to disarm and demobilize the remaining Lord’s Resistance Army fighters;

Seems reasonably clear to me and pretty much exactly what has been done. WTF do people think military support means?

These folks are so far gone with their hatred of Obama that they aren't even being rational anymore. It is pretty sad

On The Lord's Resistance Army

Rush Limbaugh Endorses The Lord's Resistance Army | ThinkProgress: "I think reasonable people can disagree as to whether or not chasing a relatively small band of depraved mass murderers around central africa is a reasonable thing for American military personel to be doing. But let’s make no mistake—these are depraved mass murderers. And yet Rush Limbaugh is pleased to welcome them as fellow Christian allies.

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A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work.m4v


I Have No Memory Of anything At All

Zandar Versus The Stupid: "Was It Good For You?" "I Don't Remember!": "An item that LiveScience reported Tuesday about a 54-year-old woman who suffered temporary amnesia after having orgasmic sex with her husband is piquing interest today.

About an hour post-coitus, the unidentified woman went to the Georgetown University Hospital emergency room to report she could not remember the past 24 hours. Doctors diagnosed her with a rare form of sudden memory loss known as transient global amnesia, or TGA. They reported their findings in The Journal of Emergency Medicine."

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

On Keith Ellison

Watching Keith Ellison on Chris Hayes' show. We need about 217 more like him.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bryan Fischer on The Dangers of Evolution

Fischer: Rights Endangered If President Believes In Evolution | Right Wing Watch: "The theory of evolution was a central topic in Bryan Fischer's speech to the Values Voter Summit, where he argued that the presidential candidates should reject evolution. "I submit to you that not a single one of our unalienable rights will be safe," Fischer said, "in the hands of a president who believes that we evolved from slime and that we are the descendents of apes and baboons." Fischer called the separation of church and state "mythical" and argued that a result of secular government and the theory of evolution result in mass murder like in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Maoist China.


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Wrong Comment Of the Day

Business Class: Policy Uncertainty Is Choking Recovery - Bloomberg: "Like so many on the left, you simply ignore how people "make money". No one outside business management can "set" what pay someone "should" get. People who start or earned the right to run businesses pay employees what they think the employees "deserve" for their contribution to the success of the business. I would hope you realize how silly your non sequitur about management building cars is? And, actually, during some strikes, management has produced the cars. People like yourself forget that some are smarter, harder working, and more driven than others. And they will make a lot more money than those who are not. Americans understand and believe in our meritocracy."

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Too Much Moneyball | The Big Picture

Too Much Moneyball | The Big Picture:

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People as 'sensors'

People as 'sensors': Twitter messages reveal NFL's big plays and fans: "ScienceDaily (Oct. 5, 2011) — Using millions of Twitter subscribers as living "sensors," engineers from Rice University and Motorola Mobility have found a way to monitor fans' levels of excitement and to keep track of the action in National Football League (NFL) games -- without ever switching on a TV. SportSense is a computer program the engineers created to analyze NFL fan tweets in real time. The program can tell within seconds when touchdowns, interceptions and other big plays occur, and it can show how excited fans are about every game that's being played.

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On The Practicalities of Race And Class

Balloon Juice » Half And Half Again: Race, Privilege, And Discourse: "Class is important, but race trumps it in everyday life where you don’t have time to do the research, and you’re making the call on the fly.


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Cults and Religions

Rising Hegemon: You stay classy Republicans: "Attaturk's theory of theology -- Cult plus time = "Religion""

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Citizen's United Looks In Mirror And Doesn't Like What It Sees

David N. Bossie's response to 'Will Occupy Wall Street become a left-wing tea party?' - The Arena | POLITICO.COM: "The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is just a bunch of trust-fund babies, college students skipping class, and ex-hippies who are taking their cues from the likes of George Soros, Michael Moore, and other billionaires and millionaires who want to kill capitalism. To call “Occupy Wall Street” a left-wing tea party is an oxymoron. The tea party is a grassroots movement that was founded in local communities around America to protest the destructive policies of the Obama administration. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement was conceived at the Obama campaign headquarters to gin up the youth vote and liberals and has now been joined by radical left-wing AstroTurf groups like and Big Labor.


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Friday, October 7, 2011

What The Fuck Is Wrong With Kansas?

Topeka, Kansas City Council Considers Decriminalizing Domestic Violence To Save Money | ThinkProgress: "Here’s what happened: Last month, the Shawnee County District Attorney’s office, facing a 10% budget cut, announced that the county would no longer be prosecuting misdemeanors, including domestic violence cases, at the county level. Finding those cases suddenly dumped on the city and lacking resources of their own, the Topeka City Council is now considering repealing the part of the city code that bans domestic battery. [...]

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Another Definition of Conservative

Balloon Juice » Brought To You By The Letters “F” And “U”, Apparently: "Conservatives: people who think the war on poverty means getting rid of the people dragging the national average down."

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On Steve Jobs Advice to "Not Settle"

Did Steve Jobs give good advice? | The Moral Sciences Club | Big Think:

As an undergrad I was an art major. Frankly, few of my fellow art majors were talented enough to make a living at it, even after four (or more!) years of training. Sure they loved art, but in the immortal words of Tina Turner, "What's love got to do with it?" "Find what you love and never settle for less" is an excellent recipe for frustration and poverty. "Reconcile yourself to the limits of your talent and temperament and find the most satisfactory compromise between what you love to do and what you need to do feed your children" is rather less stirring, but it's much better advice.
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And here is a perfect example of someone completely defines success in economic terms.

Texas Should be Ashamed

Somebody in Dallas rent this man a piano! | Pharyngula: "Tim Minchin is going to be doing a show in Dallas (lucky Texans), and he’s having a little trouble arranging a piano for his show.


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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Board of Trade has a message for Occupy Chicago: Chicagoist: "Someone at the Board of Trade is getting cheeky with the Occupy Chicago protests. This photo was taken by someone at the protests. It shows offices at the Board of Trade Building eight stories up with "We Are The 1%" taped to the windows. If only someone could hurl rocks that high.

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And Sarah Palin Becomes Irrelevant

Palin Says She's Not Running - "Ms. Palin, the former governor of Alaska, ended her inscrutable cat-and-mouse game with the political establishment on Wednesday afternoon by saying that she would not join the field of Republican candidates seeking her party’s nomination, but would still work to oust President Obama.


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Best Presidential Appointee Ever

Shakira is latest Obama appointee | POLITICO 44: "Yes, that Shakira: Leading a slew of otherwise routine new appointees to the President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics is Colombian pop star Shakira."

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RIP Steve Jobs

According to AP Steve Jobs has passed away.

Sad day

Updated - Apple's Announcement

Monday, October 3, 2011

Things I am Tired Of - Ronald Reagan Edition

Ronald Reagan Backs The Buffett Rule? | Election 2012:

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I am sick and fucking tired of being reminded how far to the right acceptable political discourse has moved by being told that Ronald Fucking Reagan would have agreed with some Democratic Party idea.

Just stop .. now .. please

Tweet Of The Month

Twitter / @Clarknt67: 700 peaceful protesters ar ...: "700 peaceful protesters arrested at #occupywallstreet. ZERO Bankers arrested for fraud that crashed the global economy. #WTF

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Linus Torvalds on Software

Linus Torvalds’s Lessons on Software Development M... - Input Output: "“The other thing—and it's kind of related—that people seem to get wrong is to think that the code they write is what matters,” says Torvalds. Most software development managers have seen this one. “No, even if you wrote 100% of the code, and even if you are the best programmer in the world and will never need any help with the project at all, the thing that really matters is the users of the code. The code itself is unimportant; the project is only as useful as people actually find it.”"

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Hank Williams Jr might not be a fuckwit

Booman Tribune ~ Hank Williams Not Ready For Football:

"The country singing star and voice of the Monday Night Football theme song, Williams appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning to talk politics via satellite hookup. He got right into it, telling the hosts ... that John Boehner's golf game with Barack Obama was a major mistake.
"That would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu. Not hardly. In the shape this country is in?"

When Brian Kilmeade said that he didn't understand the analogy, Williams was non-plussed. "I'm glad you don't brother, because a lot of people do. They're the enemy... Obama! And Biden! Are you kidding? The Three Stooges.""

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I report, you decide

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Call For Anarcho-Capitalism?

Is Our Tax System Fair? If Not, Why? — Veronique de Rugy | Stone Street Advisors: "What seems like a good policy idea today will, almost inevitably, turn out to be not as good of an idea at some point down the road, when dealing with the unintended (but often well known) consequences resulting from said idea are more difficult, costly, and painful than any benefits the policy may have provided."

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A prediction from crazyland

NESARA- Restore America - Galactics News: Government Officials Fleeing DC Link Rats Off A Sinking Ship: "False Flag event, equal 9/11, if not bigger, on September 27th, to help usher in the measures required to introduce a global financial ‘solution’.
If I had to be even more specific, and was really pushed to guess what and where, I’d be tempted to say ‘dirty bomb in Washington D.C on September 27th."

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Can't Someone Please do the needful to rid us of this?


Digby Has this about right

Hullabaloo: "If there is one single thing the founders of this country would rise from their graves to dispute, it's that. I realize that the only thing the Americans supposedly ever cared about was having to pay taxes, but the truth is that this was at the very heart of the American revolution. The power of the crown to declare its domestic enemies treasonous and execute them had pretty much defined bloody European history for hundreds of years. Americans believed that was fundamentally wrong. And it's the only crime they explicitly wrote into the constitution for that reason.

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I wonder if Justice Scalia has read this?

Catholic Update ©2001-The Gospel of Life:An abbreviated version of Pope John Paul's Pro-life Encyclical:
"It is clear that, for these purposes to be achieved, the nature and extent of the punishment must be carefully evaluated and decided upon, and ought not go to the extreme of executing the offender except in cases of absolute necessity: in other words, when it would not be possible otherwise to defend society. Today, however, as a result of steady improvements in the organization of the penal system, such cases are very rare, if not practically nonexistent."
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Since he said this:

“If I thought that Catholic doctrine held the death penalty to be immoral, I would resign. I could not be a part of a system that imposes it.”

I eagerly await his resignation

Ben Cochran might not be a misogynistic douchenozzle

Some students should not go into a health profession | Pharyngula:
"I’m afraid Ben Cochran is one of them. He’s a nursing student who wrote a column in a newspaper because he was upset at the time it took for the emergency medical services at his local clinic to help him with his sneezy, phlegmy cold (which, I would have told him, is going to put a low priority on something they can’t really treat anyway). He places the blame: the clinic offers women’s reproductive services, and they were busy helping a “gaggle of preemie sluts [] get a free pass on harlotry” and treating their “c*** problems”. 'via Blog this'
Or maybe he is. I will hazard a guess that he is soon to be a FORMER nursing student though.

DIid the Police Lead #OCCUPYWALLSTREET astray?

Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge - "After allowing the protesters to walk about a third of the way to Brooklyn, the police then cut the marchers off and surrounded them with orange nets on both sides, trapping hundreds of people, said Mr. Dunn. As protesters at times chanted “white shirts, white shirts,” officers began making arrests, at one point plunging briefly into the crowd to grab a man.


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Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Joe Walsh (No Not The Musician) wants us all armed and dangerous

Joe Walsh: Concealed Handguns Keep Gov’t Off Our Back | Election 2012: "Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) told an audience in Illinois that he was ashamed of his state for not allowing concealed handguns, warning that they were the “last line of defense” if Americans need to revolt against their government.


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Bank Of America - Evil or Really Evil?

More bad news for bank customers: Debit card fees - Yahoo! Finance: "NEW YORK (AP) -- Bank of America will start charging debit-card users $5 a month to pay for purchases. The move comes as the cards increasingly replace cash and as banks look for ways to offset the loss of revenue from a new rule that will limit how much they can collect from merchants.


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On Sharia and The Bible

I find it interesting that the same folks that invoke Biblical teachings to deny the idea of  marriage for all adult humans irrespective of sexual orientation oftentimes are vehemently against observing Sharia.

I wonder why this is?

And Hilarity Ensued

The Meming of Life » An unreliable Witness Parenting Beyond Belief on secular parenting and other natural wonders: "But earlier this month, something quietly snapped as I listened to two Jehovah’s Witnesses at my door. Actually, I only listened to one — there’s always a Talker and what I guess you’d call…a witness. The Talker had started by reading me a weirdly mundane verse from Psalms, then asked for my reaction. What follows is as close to verbatim as I can recall.


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sadly, This Is From The Onion

Historians Politely Remind Nation To Check What's Happened In Past Before Making Any Big Decisions | The Onion - America's Finest News Source: "According to the historians, by looking at things that have already happened, Americans can learn a lot about which actions made things better versus which actions made things worse, and can then plan their own actions accordingly.


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Stupid Ballot Measure Of The Day

Mississippi 'Personhood' Law Could Ban Abortions And Birth Control: "Mississippi voters will be allowed to decide on a ballot measure that defines "personhood" from the moment of fertilization, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled last week. The measure could potentially outlaw abortions, birth control, in vitro fertilization and stem cell research across the state.


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On Fragile Worldviews

Christian college kids' worldview endangered (

"According to the Discovery Institute's Dr. Stephen Meyer, when Christian students enter college, a majority of them are in danger of losing their faith, as their fragile worldview and Christian upbringing are seriously challenged."

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Maybe their worldview wouldn't be so fragile if it wasn't based on such transparent bullshit.

Just a thought.

More On The Decline of King Coal

No More Mister Nice Blog: "Now the final bust is upon Appalachia, and coal-pandering states like Kentucky are about to free-fall without either economic or energy alternatives as a cushion.

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On The Decline of Coal Production

Could Coal Decline in Appalachia? : Lawyers, Guns & Money: "In some ways, coal’s decline in Appalachia would be a true good. Mountaintop removal is a truly loathsome method that reshapes an entire ecosystem in order to keep our homes at 75 degrees in winter. But despite the decline in employment, coal directly employs around 20,000 miners today. That’s a lot of jobs in a long impoverished area. Taking those away without replacing them with something else would be a real punch in the gut to southern Appalachia. So, like so many things, it’s really complicated.


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Bev Perdue beats out Sarah Palin As dumbest Governor Ever

Zandar Versus The Stupid: Not Exactly A Laughing Matter: ""You have to have more ability from Congress, I think, to work together and to get over the partisan bickering and focus on fixing things. I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover. I really hope that someone can agree with me on that. The one good thing about Raleigh is that for so many years we worked across party lines. It's a little bit more contentious now but it's not impossible to try to do what's right in this state. You want people who don't worry about the next election."

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Is Sarah Palin The Dumbest Person In American Politics?

Palin Worries Presidency Might 'Shackle' Her | Video Cafe: ""I'm going to keep repeating, though, Greta, through my process of decision-making with my family and with my close friends as to whether I should throw my name in the hat for the GOP nomination or not for 2012 -- is a title worth it? Does a title shackle a person? Are they -- someone like me, who's a maverick -- you know, I do go rogue and I call it like I see it."


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Is Saudi Arabia Coming Into The 21st Century?

Saudi Prince Says Woman Won't Be Lashed for Driving - Global - The Atlantic Wire: "Saudi King Abdullah has revoked the 10 lashes sentenced to Shaima Ghassaniya for disobeying the country's ban on women at the wheel, reports the Agence France Press. The news was apparently broken on the Twitter account of Princess Amira Al Taweel, wife of billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, when she wrote, "Thank God, the lashing of Sheima is cancelled. Thanks to our beloved King. I'm sure all Saudi women will be so happy, I know I am." The Princess and her husband had vocally opposed the sentence. "This was a barbaric and inhuman decision to lash a Saudi lady for driving," "

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Michele Bachmann, Still Crazy

Bachmann Warns of Hezbollah 'Missile Sites' in Cuba | Video Cafe: ""Why would you normalize trade with a country that sponsors terror?" the candidate asked a crowd of supporters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "There is reports that have come out that Cuba has been working with another terrorist organization called Hezbollah. And Hezbollah is looking at wanting to be part of missile sites in Iran and, of course, when you are 90 miles offshore from Florida, you don't want to entertain the prospect of hosting bases or sites where Hezbollah could have training camps or perhaps have missile sites or weapons sites in Cuba. "


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Booman on #Occupywallstreet

Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community: "And that's the problem. People aren't doing anything worth commenting on. They don't deserve a response, let alone pepper spray. When they deserve the pepper spray, maybe I will give a shit.


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Melissa Harris-Perry on systemic racism

The Epistemology of Race Talk | The Nation: "I believe we must be careful and judicious in our conversations about racism. But I also believe that those who demand proof of interpersonal intention to create a racist outcome are missing the point about how racism works. Racism is not exclusively about hooded Klansmen; it is also about the structures of bias and culture of privilege that infect the left as well.


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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vital To The Defence Of Canada

Canada's submarines high and dry - Nova Scotia - CBC News: "The government bought the British submarines on the navy's recommendation. The navy is defending the billion dollar plus submarine program saying the boats are vital to the defence of Canada even though none at the moment are capable of firing torpedoes, submerging or even venturing out to sea.


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Dumbest Argument For Capital Punishment ever?

Justice, After Troy Davis - "Simply throwing up our hands and eliminating executions entirely, by contrast, could prove to be a form of moral evasion — a way to console ourselves with the knowledge that no innocents are ever executed, even as more pervasive abuses go unchecked. We should want a judicial system that we can trust with matters of life and death, and that can stand up to the kind of public scrutiny that Davis’s case received. And gradually reforming the death penalty — imposing it in fewer situations and with more safeguards, which other defendants could benefit from as well — might do more than outright abolition to address the larger problems with crime and punishment in America."

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The Bloomberg Third Way

Suburban Guerrilla » Blog Archive » Poor worried bankers: "MAYOR BLOOMBERG: Well, nobody has any confidence. If you’re a bank and you have money, would you make a loan when people are talking about putting you in jail for what happened in the mortgage crisis three, four years ago? You hunker down. If you’re a business, would you go take a loan and expand and hire more people when every day there’s talk about different regulation, different tax policy? Business has to know what it’s going to be in the future to plan because hiring people is a long-term commitment. If you’re an individual, would you go take that extra vacation, buy a new house and that sort of thing when you’re not sure whether Washington is going to do what’s right to keep job creation going in America? That’s the–in the end, it is confidence, confidence, confidence."

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Safe Sex and a little bonus

Endangered Species Condoms: "Through a network of volunteers, the Center for Biological Diversity is giving away 100,000 free Endangered Species Condoms in 2011 as part of our 7 Billion and Counting campaign.
The condoms are an engaging, lively way to get people talking about the unsustainable growth of the human population (it’s expected to hit 7 billion by the end of October 2011) and the effect it’s having on the extinction of species around the globe."

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On The HOME Act

Kerry, Nadler Propose Fair Housing Bill for LGBTs | News | The Advocate: "“It’s hard to believe that in 2011, any law-abiding, tax-paying American who can pay the rent can’t live somewhere just because of who they are,” Kerry said in a statement. “Housing discrimination against LGBT Americans is wrong, but today in most states there isn’t a thing you can do about it. This legislation would end discrimination that continues to hurt people.”

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Macing Protesters?

Even if this person was being obnoxious and calling names (as I have heard used as an explanation) police officers are trained to take it and behave professionally. I see no way this was professional behaviour

This Is Stupid When The White House Does It Too

White House Returns to Favorite Tactic: Hectoring the Base | Firedoglake: "President Barack Obama launched into a fiery speech Saturday night at the Congressional Black Caucus awards dinner, where he told black leaders to “stop complaining” and fight for jobs and opportunity. “Shake it off,” Obama said. “Stop grumbling. Stop crying. We are going to press on. We have work to do.”


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Watch Those Goalposts Move

Lindsey Graham Worries Cuts Will 'Destroy the Defense Department' | Video Cafe: ""I will introduce legislation, Chris, to protect the Defense Department from devastating cuts... I want an across-the-board cut as a trigger, the whole government being on the table with a five percent reduction for the whole government, and cut our pay by 10 percent rather than devastating the Defense Department. I hope the Super Committee works, but if it fails let's don't destroy the Defense Department."


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On Income Inequality

It's the Inequality, Stupid | Mother Jones:
"A huge share of the nation's economic growth over the past 30 years has gone to the top one-hundredth of one percent, who now make an average of $27 million per household. The average income for the bottom 90 percent of us? $31,244.


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Some very nice charts at the link. Go see.

How Can This Be Constitutional?

Alabama Convicts Get To Choose Between Jail Or To Church: "Residents convicted of misdemeanor offenses in Bay Minette, Alabama will now face an interesting choice: time in jail and a fine, or attending Sunday church service every week for one year.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Go Herman Go

Herman Cain wins Presidency 5 straw poll - St. Petersburg Times: "Cain's landslide victory, with 37 percent of the vote, exceeded the combined total for Perry and Mitt Romney, who only garnered 15 percent and 14 percent, respectively.


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About that inhaler ban

Little Green Footballs - Debunking the Right-Wing Obama/CFC/Inhaler Ban Nontroversy: "To conclude, the chronology of this ban begins with President Reagan who signed off approvingly of the Montreal Protocol which led to the FDA decision under the oversight of President Bush which led to the final ban of CFC containing inhalers while President Obama was in the White House. The father of this short trail in FDA and EPA regulation is however Ronald Wilson Reagan having signed the above quoted letter.


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Racists Are Racists No Matter Where They Are

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - Hockey NHL - Winnipeg - Sick message says a lot: "“Mark Chipman can take that (F bomb), (N bomb) hockey team of his and shove it up his ass.”"

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On Targets

"If you’re among the households with earnings of $200,000 to $350,000 or so, you can be forgiven at this point for thinking that you have a giant target on your back.

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As someone that is happy as hell to be in this income range I say ... TARGET ME!

Jesus Christ. Is it so much to ask that we that are fortunate enough not to have to live hand to mouth pay our fair fucking share of taxes?

And before my conservative friends say "well no one is keeping you from not paying more taxes", I say .. fuck you. I don't LIKE paying taxes. Nobody LIKES paying taxes but it is the price we pay for living in a reasonably civilized society and there is no way that any American in my income range can reasonably say they are overtaxed. I dare anyone to try to make that argument here without resorting to glibertarian bullshit talking points.

On How To Build A Strawman

Five myths about millionaires - The Washington Post: "This past week, President Obama tried to sell his new “millionaires’ tax” to the Rust Belt. “What’s great about this country is our belief that anyone can make it,” he said in Cincinnati on Thursday, praising “the idea that any one of us can open a business or have an idea that could make us millionaires.” But who are the millionaires Obama is talking about? And will a tax on them help the economy? Let’s examine a few presumptions about the man with the monocle on the Monopoly board.


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Compassionate Conservatism Michigan Style

Balloon Juice » Michigan GOP: If Your Car is Too Fancy, No Food Stamps for You:
"Michigan has determined food assistance eligibility based only on income for roughly a decade. A new policy will include a review of certain financial assets starting Oct 1.

The requirements will affect new applicants right away and existing recipients when their cases come up for review, which typically happens once every six months.

Those with assets of more than $5,000 in bank accounts or some types of property would no longer be eligible for food assistance. Other assets that would count against the cap include vehicles with market values of more than $15,000 and second homes, depending on how much is owed on the properties."

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So basically the idea is to make sure that not only do you have no income but you have nothing left to sell.

These assholes really do long for the days of serfs don't they?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mark Cuban On Patriotism

The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do « blog maverick: "So be Patriotic. Go out there and get rich. Get so obnoxiously rich that when that tax bill comes , your first thought will be to choke on how big a check you have to write. Your 2nd thought will be “what a great problem to have”, and your 3rd should be a recognition that in paying your taxes you are helping to support millions of Americans that are not as fortunate as you."

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Dumb Athletics Rule of the day

For Women’s Road Records, Only Women-Only Races Will Count - "The world governing body for track and field decided in late August that records in women’s road racing will count only if they are set in women’s-only events, to nullify the benefits of pacesetting by faster male runners, a dynamic that can exist in some marathons, half-marathons and 10-kilometer races where men and women are in the same field."

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On The Facebook UI Redesign

What The Fuck Were They Thinking?

See you on G+

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mark Penn Is indeed a conservadem

Mark Penn: Strategy Corner: Obama -- Don't Bring Back Class Warfare: "And most of all, he should be bringing the country together rather than dividing it through class warfare.


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Monday, September 19, 2011

About That Primary Obama Thing

Balloon Juice » CAUTION: Geniuses at work…: "And if you work for Nader or some other asshole in the primary, all you will do is weaken President Obama and make the likelihood of President Perry or Romney that much greater. That’s what primary challenges to sitting presidents do. It happened in 1992. It happened in 1980. It happened in 1968 (Humphrey was running more or less for Johnson’s third term). It happened as far back as 1912. Each time—each time—the challenging party got the advantage and each time it won. That’s what happens when you run a serious primary against a sitting president: you help elect somebody from the other party. We can’t afford that.


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Jim Cramer Is a Hack

Jim Cramer: Wall Street HATES Obama! | Crooks and Liars: "My rage meter at Cramer's gleeful dishonesty is just redlining. CEOs are telling him privately that they're just waiting for a Republican in the White House to hire people while Americans suffer through massive unemployment? Well then NAME NAMES, Cramer, you dishonest jerk, and tell us just which CEOs are telling you this and who are acting so treasonously. Because Chris Matthews--to his credit, since you apparently don't believe in offering up these facts to these business owners--pointed out all the reasons that Obama could hardly be considered anti-business. These asses were bailed out by American taxpayers, posted record profits, pocketed nice little bonuses...but they need a Republican in the White House to pass that largesse back to the Americans? Well to put it bluntly, eff that.


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Obama as Republican

For those of you that say Obama is indistinguishable from a Republican I say that you are 30 years too late. He could have been a moderate Republican 30 years ago. This is not 30 years ago. Grow the fuck up and start paying attention to where the GOP is nowadays.

On PETA's Porn Site

What is wrong with these animal rights organizations? | Pharyngula: "I am trying to visualize the kind of people who would be drawn to a site featuring naked women and tortured animals…and no, those aren’t the people I’d want to associate with. It sounds like it might be popular with serial killers, anyway. Is that the audience they want?


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On Getting By - GOP Style

Shorter John Fleming (R-Whiner): How do I live on 400K a Year? It’s class warfare! Waaaah! | Angry Black Lady Chronicles: " Louisiana Republican and giant asshat John Fleming appeared on MSNBC this morning to bitch about how hard is life is because he has to live on a meager $400,000 a year.


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Google + Invites

Apparently I can now share g+ invitations as a link so ...

Anyone that wants one click here

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Class Warfare We Are Already Losing

No More Mister Nice Blog: "With all the pressure there is on political figures to avoid what's always sneeringly called "class warfare," the fact that the president -- the fact that this president -- is increasingly acknowledging the vast difference between the rich and the rest of us is a hopeful sign. I know this proposal can't get passed. I know it's mostly an attempt to draw a line in the sand as his reelection campaign gets under way. But I like the fact that he thinks this is a political winner. I like the fact that it puts a question back on the table that the right and center thought had been asked and answered: no, perhaps we Americans haven't all decided that we really, really like the rich and regard them as heroes and "job creators" and people who need to be cosseted and coddled because if we don't cater to their every whim they'll be too weak and wounded and sickly and depressed ever to get out of bed and try to make even more money by building businesses and hiring people to do jobs.

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Random Football Thought

If your kicker has over 50% of your points you might have a bit of a problem with your offense.

On The Inaptly Named History Channel

I remember why I’ve never wanted satellite television « Bad Archaeology: "I find it incredible and frightening that a worldwide distributed television channel that bills itself as ‘The History Channel’ can broadcast such rubbish as Ancient Aliens. If it were an entertainment programme, I’d have fewer worries (although it would still make me cross); it is the implied authority of the channel (‘The History Channel’, not just any old ‘History Channel’) that makes the broadcast of this series so potentially damaging, as we saw in the reaction of the forum poster quoted above. A channel that is making claims for its authoritative status, which offers educational resources, has a responsibility not to mislead its viewers (no doubt its executives think of them as ‘customers’). That responsibility is one that all makers and broadcasters of supposedly factual television have, but one that few of them take seriously: the responsibility to check facts.


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Even Seals Dislike Gingers

The lonely seal no-one wanted: Pup abandoned for having rare brown fur | Mail Online: "Sitting all alone on a beach, this little seal is an outcast from the colony.

Its crime? Having reddish-brown fur and the palest of blue eyes. The rest of its sleek black family took an instant dislike to the ginger pup, leaving it to fend for itself."

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Evidence of the awesomeness that is the foo fighters

What This Blog Needs Is More Bollywood Love Songs


Because well ... It's Saturday night

A little more April Wine For A Saturday Night


A little good old fashioned Canuck Rock

I must be hungry

This is looking very good about now

The Author Has This ALMOST Right

The Spencerian: I am an Obama Conservative:
"I don't suggest we all become Buckley intellectuals tomorrow, either. But the GOP is going to have to figure out how to re-brand being smart once again. I'm pretty sure their future is riding on it.


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It is OUR future as a nation that is riding on it, not just that of the GOP.

Steve King might not be a fuckwit

but boy he does sound like one.

On Rogue Traders

There Are No Rogue Traders, Only Rogue Banks | The Big Picture: "Anyone who runs a shop that has a proprietary trading desk is obligated to do everything in their power to prevent a single employee from bringing down the company. Indeed, everyone who earns their bonus by risking firm capital is a potential disaster. A rogue trader with massive losses is a sign of complete and utter failure BY THE BANK’S MANAGEMENT. It means that the supervisory functions have failed. That the ability to track what is occurring is not happening, certainly not in real time. In the case of the UBS London trader, he hid the losing trades for 3 years (so much for real time supervisory tracking).


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A Rick Perry Fan?

Law And Order

Justice Department survey confirms downward trend in violent crime - "Violent crime in the United States continues to drop significantly despite the difficult economic environment, according to new statistics released Friday by the Justice Department.
According to the Crime Victimization Survey released annually by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2010 violent crimes dropped about 13% among U.S. residents ages 12 or older."

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Voltaire Nails Our Times

It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.

And yes I am well aware that Voltaire is long dead. Tell me though that this doesn't resonate.

A Message To "I'm Not Going To Vote in 2012" Liberals

The President of Rich Christian White Men | Blue Collar Atheist: "When (if) Perry gets elected, oh man are you going to be sorry.


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On Elizabeth Warren - Silly Idea Department

Forget the Senate. Elizabeth Warren should go work on Wall Street. - The Washington Post:
"Seven weeks removed from the political reality that cost her a job as one of the nation’s best-known — and controversial — advocates for consumers and the middle class, Elizabeth Warren now officially wants to return to Washington as the junior senator from Massachusetts. But if she is really serious about wanting to help working Americans and reform Wall Street, Warren should consider a different line of work: She should get a job as a partner at Goldman Sachs.


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Sous Vide Steak

I need me one of these

Experiments in Sous-vide

Cook Your Meat in a Beer Cooler: The World's Best (and Cheapest) Sous-Vide Hack | Serious Eats: "By this point, there is absolutely no question that the method of cooking foods at precise low-temperatures in vacuum-sealed pouches (commonly referred to as "sous-vide") has revolutionized fine-dining kitchens around the world. There is not a Michelin-starred chef who would part easily with their Polyscience circulators. But the question of when this technique will trickle down to home users—and it certainly is a question of when, and not if—remains to be answered.
The Sous-Vide Supreme, introduced last winter, and of which I am a big fan, is certainly a big step in the right direction. But at $450, for most people, it still remains prohibitively costly. In an effort to help those who'd like to experiment with sous-vide cookery without having to put in the capital, a couple weeks ago I devised a novel solution to the problem: Cook your food in a beer cooler."

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Easy Questions For Republicans

Personal-Political: Gosh, Why Don't People Like Those Wonderful Republican Presidential Candidates?:
"I tell my conservative friends that the Republican presidential candidates aren't the worst of what their party has to offer. No, these candidates are the perfect statistical average of the over-the-cliff irrationality, greed, denial, and dysfunction of the Grand Old Party. And Palin, Ryan, Christie, and anyone else who might get into the race is no different--just more of the same Republican mainstream extremism in a slightly different package.

My second question is one that makes them very uncomfortable: If you don't like the Republican candidates for president, and these candidates represent the mainstream of the Republican Party, then why are you a Republican? I get a lot of blank stares in response."

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On Political Stupidity

Eschaton: The Worst Idea In The World: "Mucking with Social Security is bad, mucking with the Medicare eligibility age is bad AND stupid. So it's probably the likeliest outcome then.

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The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class

Friday, September 16, 2011

Is Elizabeth Warren Jed Bartlett?

It would be nice to think so.

The more I see of her the more I like her.

Fingers crossed.

And yes ... I know I said before that I hope she didn't run. She is running. I hope she wins.

Go give her some money so she can beat that fool Scott Brown.

The Animals We Eat

Cow - yes
Horse - No
Pig - yes
Dog - No
Turkey - yes
Cat - No
Lobster - Yes
Caterpillar - No

So ... how come.

Dumbest Staffers Ever?

Senate staffers claimed their public tweets were off the record | Poynter.: "Aides to Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., had claimed in their Twitter bios that their publicly viewable tweets should be considered “off the record.” New York Times developer Derek Willis first noted the absurd disclaimer (#notquitegraspingtheconcept) in the profile of New Media Director Catherine Algeri, and the blog techPresident pointed out that Communications Director Seth Larson and Deputy Press Secretary Richard Pezzillo had similar disclaimers. All three removed them after the publicity spread.


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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pat Robertson Is a Worthless Douchebag

Pat Robertson Says to Divorce Your Wife If She's Terminally Ill | Crooks and Liars:
"Asked what a man should do whose wife has Alzheimer's, an increasingly decrepit Pat Robertson says, "I know it sounds cruel but if he's going to do something, he should divorce her and start all over."


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I can't even do my usual "may not be" with this one.

Pile on the cumin?

There's a Potential Cure for Cancer in Indian Food - Technology - The Atlantic Wire: "Tumeric, the main ingredient in curry, has had a reputation for being a "holy powder" with healing powers for centuries in India. From its anti-inflammatory effects to its ability to slow bleeding, there's a long list of ailments for which tumeric is a remedy, and a growing pile of evidence shows that cancer is on that list, too. In a study due to be published on Thursday, researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center describe how curcumin, the primary component of tumeric, effectively changes the molecular behavior of human saliva and slows the growth of mouth cancer. Previous studies have shown that cumin is effective in treating various types of cancer, and with the new knowledge, scientists hope to turn curcumin into part of the cure.


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Three Cheers For The CRTC

Loud commercial volume: CRTC tells broadcasters to knock it off: "The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) said draft regulations will be published by year's end to spell out that ads can't be louder than TV shows, and Canadian broadcasters will have until next September to comply with the new rules.


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Is Ron Paul Really This Stupid?

Ron Paul: Africa Has Famines Because They Aren't Capitalists | Video Cafe: ""All I know is if you look at history and if you compare good medical care and you compare famine, the countries that are more socialistic have more famines," Paul told CNN's T.J. Holmes. "If you look at Africa, they don't have any free market systems and property rights and they have famines and no medical care. So the freer the system, the better the health care."


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Haven't We Seen This Movie Before?

Daily Kos: FAA could shut down on Friday as Coburn blocks Senate vote: "Monday, Laurence Lewis explained how Republicans want to cut bike safety money from the transportation bill, despite (or because of?) the fact that spending on bike lanes improves safety and encourages clean energy transportation. Now, Sen. Tom Coburn is threatening to once again shut down the FAA over that funding.

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"Racist" Is The New "N*****"

Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race by Jen Graves - Seattle Features - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper:
"Today the same argument is made under the precious neologism that laws intended to redress racial inequity are themselves racist. "Racist is the new n*****," says Riz Rollins, the writer, DJ, and KEXP personality. "For white people, the only word that begins to approximate the emotional violence a person of color experiences being called a n***** from a white person is 'racist.' It's a trigger for white people that immediately conjures pain, anger, defensiveness—even for white people who are clearly racist. 'Racist' is now a conversation stopper almost like that device where you can skew a conversation by comparing someone to Hitler. It's an automatic slur. And only the sickest racists will own up to the description." "

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I am white, middle-aged, upper 5% income range liberal. I am also a racist. I think it is very difficult to be otherwise in this country if you are as privileged as I am. I fight against it but I do not always succeed. Now, those of you that know me ... ponder what I just said and look in the mirror. Do you see a racist too?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On What The Real Problem Is With The Economy

THEY STILL THINK THIS IS A BANKING CRISIS | PRAGMATIC CAPITALISM: "One of the primary reasons why we can’t get out of our current malaise is due to the fact that our government continues to misallocate resources and impede the recovery by completely misdiagnosing our problems. Over the last few years we have constantly referred to our problems as a “credit crisis” or a “banking crisis”. But this was never a banking crisis. It was a household crisis. The American balance sheet recession is a direct result of the fact that households took on too much debt and when their debt position became unsustainable the economy sank into a deep recession as American households went into deleveraging mode. This ultimately led to a banking crisis which was merely a symptom of a much bigger problem.


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Vroomy New Graphics Processor

Nvidia's quad-core Tegra 3 ready for holidays - News - Linux for Devices: "Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced that mobile devices powered by his company's quad-core Tegra 3 processors will start hitting the market before the holiday season. Huang said the quad-core market will be dominated by Nvidia and Qualcomm, which is prepping its own "Krait" quad-core processors for release in 2012.

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Cool Toy

Core-powered panel PC is like a giant tablet - News - Linux for Devices: "Aaeon announced an 18.5-inch panel PC that looks and works like an overgrown tablet. The ACP-5815 has a capacitive touchscreen with two-point multitouch, a choice of Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, CompactFlash and hard disk storage, a Mini PCI expansion slot, plus an optional camera and RFID reader, according to the company.

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On Being Eaten By A Badger

Gordon Ramsay's Porn Dwarf Double Eaten by Badger: "U.K. tabloid Sunday Sport recently introduced the world to Percy Foster, a 35-year-old dwarf porn star whose career was just beginning to catch fire. It was all because an observant production assistant on the set of Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, It's Up Your Arse We Go had noticed how much Foster looked like celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. But just as Foster was set to join the rarefied ranks of celebrity lookalike dwarf porn stars, tragedy struck: The body of the 3' 6" performer has been discovered in a badger's den, partially eaten.


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ABL on The Tea Party

Balloon Juice » CNN Tea Party Audience Cheers at Idea of Letting Sick Uninsured Man Die: "The simple truth is this: The Tea Party is comprised, primarily, of savages. That’s the only word I can think of to use. They are the party of Die Early and Often. They are the party of “No Government except for in A Woman’s Vagina.” It’s so horrifying, that I am rendered nearly without power to snark about it.


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And Other Duties

Some Texas Teachers Left to Clean Up Budget Cut Mess — Public Education | The Texas Tribune: "Entering the new year, Gardner’s district can say something that fewer and fewer schools in Texas can — that no teachers have been laid off as a result of state budget cuts. But the Dripping Springs Independent School District has eliminated custodial positions, and that has left teachers there with new tasks once the school bell rings: sweeping classrooms and taking out the trash."

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About Those Immigrant Ancestors

The Era Of Open Borders | ThinkProgress: "But if your family lore contains anything remotely resembling a classic immigrants’ story of a poor person coming to this country, and combining hard work with American opportunity to obtain a higher living standard than was possible in the Old Country the odds are overwhelming that this didn’t involve navigating anything resembling the current process by which a low-skill person can legally obtain permission to come here."

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Ron Paul and His Fans Are Repulsive

Sunday, September 11, 2011

On Glowing Kittens

Glow cat: fluorescent green felines could help study of HIV | Science | The Guardian: "US researcher Eric Poeschla has produced three glowing GM cats by using a virus to carry a gene, called green fluorescent protein (GFP), into the eggs from which the animals eventually grew.


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From The Collection Of Stupid That is American Renaissance

Black Kids Twice as Likely to Have Food Sensitivities to Peanuts, Eggs, Milk :: American Renaissance News: "African DNA is primitive and not adapted to agricultural produce. They can eat the crude out of bananas and other wild or naturally occurring food. Milk for example, whose possession on a regular basis indicates the ability to domesticate animals and plan fodder for the animals, is not tolerable for most adult Africans. In fact, Europeans are the only species on the planet whose bodies can process milk into adulthood. Just as they are not adaptable to modernity, they are also intolerant of agricultural produce.


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