Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Music

Just sitting around by myself on Christmas Eve missing Nova Scotia so I loaded up my collection of Stan Rogers and Matt Minglewood music in Winamp.

Somehow it helps.... of course it also makes me cry but hey .. isnt that what being away from home is for... making you appreciate it?

So without further ado .. here is Stan. If you are away from home for Christmas and this song doesn't make you cry then you have a heart of stone

And just to be complete ... here is one of Matt's most (to me) tear jerking songs

So to all of you that are away from home this holiday season or if you have loved ones that are away ...these songs are for you. Go ahead and have a good cry ... it is good for you :-)

Merry Christmas from my cats and I.

I have no words ...

Via comes a bit of stupidity from Dennis Prager that basically says that a wife should never "say no" to sex with her husband. It will come as no surprise to most that, as Jesse reports ...
Dennis Prager is divorced.