Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The award for least analytical blog post of the year by a member of the corporate media goes to ...

Michael Scherer over at Time's Swampland.
He posted about 1500 words (i am guessing) that consisted nearly entirely of an internal email from the McCain campaign and his only analysis was
State polls are similarly showing no big movement, or confusing movement. But something could be starting. (A McCain insider assures me that key (unidentified) swing states are back to within 3 points, and closing.) After the jump, the full McInturff memo. Read it for what it says, and for what it fails to say.

I mean fuck... my cats could have typed that up

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Firedoglake » DiFi Plans Another Run for Governor
Neither Dianne Feinstein nor Richard Blum are listed among the contributors to the NO on Prop 8 campaign.

Apparently, She wants to be Governor of California but she is ok with taking away the rights of some of her consituents. She and her husband are worth hundreds of millions between the two of them and they cant cut a check for a few thousand bucks?


In short ...

Firedoglake » The Future Is China
China has the world's largest internet. Its number of patents is growing faster than any other nation, and Chinese love being engineers, unlike in the US, where being a lawyer or MBA or maybe a doctor is considered the route to a good life. This, again, is eerily similar to the period when America broke down the doors: engineers were worshiped, scientists were respected and everyone wanted to be an inventor. In the old days Chinese came to America to become scientists and engineers, then stayed. Now they come and go back, and meanwhile Chinese universities pump out huge classes of both as well.

We are fucked if we do not reverse this trend. I don't care if the US is #1 because #2 really isnt that bad a place to be... after all, you try harder. But for fuck's sake let's not let it keep sliding.

Tax Cuts

Now I know that it is tacky to talk about how much you make and all that but even in my tax bracket the WORST that I come out is dead even.

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