Saturday, September 1, 2007

Stupidest Idea I have heard today

From Digby

Does any of this remotely seem like a good idea? The mere fact that the US is so obviously running this thing automatically makes it an enormous mistake. And it's not just because it's so transparent that there can be no doubt that Allawi will be seen as a puppet. It's a huge mistake because aside from looting the treasury and stealing elections, everything the Bush administration touches turns to shit. Aside from the embarrassingly blatant hypocrisy, does anyone believe they could pull this off and make it work?


Boston Blackie

I am completely addicted to Old Time Radio, especially Boston Blackie.

Just saying...

Partial Presidential Platform for '08

How about this for a few bullet points...
  1. Extend Medicare to all legal US residents beginning January 1, 2010.
  2. Hand over the new US Embassy in Iraq to the Iraqi government to do with as they see fit
  3. Make the continued presence of US troops in Iraq dependent upon a vote of the Iraqi Parliament as well as a vote of both houses of the US Congress, to be repeated each 6 months.
  4. An end to no-bid government contracts in excess of $100,000 that have a term of more than 90 days.
  5. Allow two adults that love each other and freely commit to spending their lives together to share in all of the benefits and responsibilities that we have come to expect of marriage the USA.
  6. Commit to enforcing laws that require employers to check that their employees are actually allowed to work in the USA. When a company is found to be ignoring those laws, toss the responsible executives of that company in jail.

Sadly, I am Canadian (legally working in the USA thank you very much) so I cannot run.

hillary... Barack ... John .... anyone......