Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yves Smith on Economists

DeLong Illustrates Why We Should Be Scared of Economists « naked capitalism:
"But in the end, differences in character may not make all that great a difference in outcomes. With the economics discipline in in the thrall of a dubious orthodoxy, we put ourselves at risk if we place our trust in them."

On Libertarians

Mark Ames: Why the American Right Never Liked V.S. Naipaul « naked capitalism:
"They’ve replaced the Naipauls with libertarians, the fake, predictable, genetically-modified version of reactionary intellectualism–so insanely corrupt and so profoundly retarded that, like a skunk spraying foul stupidity whenever threatened, libertarianism has successfully scared away anyone with brains and dignity from bothering them while they feed."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Dogs and Cats

Balloon Juice » Now I Have Proof:
"I just sat there for a minute, stunned. I think I may have actually said “You gotta be shitting me” out loud, because it dawned on me that if they really are working together, I’m screwed."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Humor From Christwre

Does bin Laden Cell Phone Contain Secret Texts to Barack Obama? | ChristWire:
"But even after all of this proof against Obama’s corruption, not of it compares to the proof that bin Laden’s cell phone has a tie to Pakistan and that as a teenager, this is where Obama met Osama and allegedly had a homosexual call boy tryst."

Remember that this is a satire site. The comments are hilarious.

Astrology Not Economics

It's Come To This: CNN Brings On Psychics To Tell Us What The Economy Will Be Like | Crooks and Liars:
"But there's a subtle message by relegating discussion of the economy to psychics that economic recovery is something that is up to chance, or the stars, or Providence. That it's something that takes a special sense to understand and that is just frankly b.s. of the highest order. Economics is not that mystical, nor is it that difficult to understand. But as long as the media keeps it something beyond explanation, you foster a sense of hopelessness and helplessness among the viewers, which makes them far more dependent upon experts."

Now granted that economics is well known for being a bit fuzzy around the edges and having physics envy but astrology? wow.