Thursday, September 19, 2013

on logarithmically increasing tax rates

Donkeylicious: Tax Brackets As Far As The Eye Can See:

 "A friend of mine in the finance industry suggested letting tax rates grow logarithmically. Subtract out the first $20,000 of income. Then, as your income increases as a multiple of 10, your tax rate increases by 21% on any income in excess of $20,000. So, someone earning $120,000 would owe $21,000 in taxes (21% of $100K); someone earning $1,020,000 would owe $420,000, (42% of $1 million) and so on. Taxes on the working poor and middle class would go down or stay flat; taxes on the upper-middle class would go up slightly; and taxes on the various levels of "f***ing loaded" would rise subtantially."
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an interesting idea

Tucker Carlson - Still A Douchebag

Tucker Carlson Calls to 'Increase the Stigma' on Mental Illness After Navy Yard Shootings | Video Cafe:
"Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday suggested that the proper response to Monday's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard was to "increase the stigma" around "certain forms" of mental illness. "

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Internet Comment of the day - Miss America Edition

Miss America crowns 1st winner of Indian descent -

You have to admit a dark skinned miss america just looks weird. I think it should follow tradition and be given to a white lady. it's about heritage not hate.

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uh huh. Careful you keep that sheet nice and white...