Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Night Cat Blogging

One of my cats was an honest to FSM show kitten. Her full designation is CH Verismo Miss Dexter (search down the page for her name and some very cute pics) which means that yes ... she was a champion.

This does not mean that she is a smart cat ...

Last night she spent 20 minutes watching the drain in my kitchen sink intrigued by the noises that were coming from it due to the fact that my dishwasher was running. Then she spent a further 20 minutes watching the drain after the dishwasher finished ... apparently waiting for  something else to happen.

And yes, as a friend of mine pointed out ... I sat there and watched her the whole time.

hmmmm ... maybe I am not that bright either

Copyright on the above picture belongs to Susan Odom, proprietor of Verismo Cat ... In my opinion the breeder of the most gorgeous Maine Coon Cats on the planet... of course the fact that I own 3 of her cats doesnt colour my opinion at all. I highly recommend Maine Coons as pets and while I don't think that Susan has any kittens at the moment, it is well worth getting on her mailing list as she has great contacts with some other breeders.