Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dumb Comment of the day - Redstate edition

"Homosexual behavior begins with homosexual feelings, attraction to your own sex. So the real problem is being ruled by feelings rather than an objective standard outside our fickle fancies. This is the situation today — relativisim is nothing more than an I want it my own way, and however I feel is how I want it. "
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Friday, May 11, 2012

How to fix hospital wait times

Canadian Health Care Myths, US VS Canadian Health Care, Medical Tourism - AARP: "Wait times aren’t like cancer. We know what causes wait times; we know how to fix them. Spend more money. "

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Harry Reid Astonished That GOP lies

Daily Kos: Harry Reid: We should have done filibuster reform:
"What's substantially changed from the beginning of 2011 and now with the filibuster? The Republicans proved, again, that they don't give a shit for any "gentleman's agreement," the deal struck by Mitch McConnell and Reid to preserve the filibuster as a tool, but for Republicans to use it much less. "
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I am stunned that anyone should have been surprised.

How Could This have Gone wrong?

Putting It Into Perspective: Bruno Iksil's $100 Billion Position Makes Him The Seventh Largest Bank Holding Company By CDS Exposure | ZeroHedge: "Recall: "Iksil may have built a position totaling as much as $100 billion in contracts in one index, according to the market participants, "

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