Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dog In Repose By Fire

We recently moved to a new abode with a fireplace. We also recently acquired a new dog (her name is Chilly Dawg). Seems like they match up

Dana Milbank on Ukraine

From Dana Milbanks' Twitter Feed
This is the point in an international crisis when we all wait silently to see what Obama does so we can criticize whatever it is.
Sounds about right to me from what I have seen so far

On Bad Ideas

For the record, sending NATO troops into Ukraine would be a world class stupid idea.

Computer Suggestions

So, we moved to a new apartment and we are looking for a 2-in-1 or tablet to augment the environment here at the new digs (the big computer has its own room and so it isn't convenient to watch tv and fuss about on the computer at the same time anymore).

Ideally it should be a Windows 8 machine (just shut up) and not cost us an arm and a leg. We don't play FPSs so it doesn't have to be firebreathing but it will get periodic use playing FB quality games as well as MS Office and the usual other things that most folks' computers get used for. In addition, I like the idea of having a removable keyboard (or bluetooth.). Last thing on the wish list is long battery life. Something that has to be tethered to a wall socket after 3 or 4 hours of use is indistinguishable from desktop computer to me.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Email, Facebook or leave in the comments.

Why Oh Why Can't Religious Folks Just be allowed to be bigots?

From TPM
Another Arizona anti-gay bill that had largely flown under the radar could be coming up for a vote in the state House, the Arizona Republic reported Friday. The bill would allow judges and other public officials to decline to perform same-sex marriages based on their religious beliefs.
Do these folks not ever tire of playing the "Christians are the real victims" game?
and don't even pretend that isn't that is going on here.

On Bitcoin and Mt Gox

Can someone explain to me why i should care that Mt Gox went bankrupt?

Bitcoin always seemed like a libertarian wet dream and like all such things this is about how I expected it to go. Did anyone actually think this was going to be different?