Saturday, November 3, 2012

On door to door preachers

Just horrified one by admitting my atheism and pointing out a couple of my favorite parts of the Bible (yeah they were old testament and not politically correct anymore). 

I know I shouldn't have enjoyed the look on his face when he realized I had read and understood his mythology and still rejected it. I don't think that he got that the reason I rejected it was because I understood it because he did wander off shaking his head and saying he would pray for me.

More on the reasonable Republican

If you have ever said any of the following you are not a reasonable Republican

Obamacare is government takeover of health care

Welfare is too easy to get

I want my country back

Obama is a socialist

The Lilly Ledbetter act is to protect trial lawyers

Obama hates white people

Obamacare reduces religious freedom

Obama just doesn't understand America

Same sex marriage lessens our country

Donald Trump has a point

On politics as sport

It isn't.
It should be treated seriously.

On the reasonable Republican

Seeing no evidence they exist.
Any sightings?

On naps

They are a good thing.