Sunday, September 14, 2014

Guns Don't Kill People

I often hear it said that guns don't kill people. That is indeed true.

Here are some things that do:

Guns in the hands of certain types of mentally unbalanced people
Guns in the hands of careless people
Guns in the hands of evil people
Guns in the hands of untrained people
Guns in the hands of children
Guns in the hands of blind people (sorry if I come off as an asshole on this one but there is no possibility that someone that cannot see what they are firing at is safe if they pull the trigger)

Now, nobody is seriously thinking about banning guns but how about the idea of having some REAL safeguards in place so that the above folks find it more difficult to get guns and so that they (or the person responsible for them having a gun in the case of a child) are help accountable for the bad outcomes that are 100% avoidable?  And no, the existing laws are not sufficient because they are all too often ignored.

What is the serious argument against short waiting periods, mandatory background checks for all gun purchases (no, this isn't the same as registration stop being so fucking paranoid), mandatory liability insurance and mandatory training? I have never heard one beyond "2nd amendment, fuck yeah" and frankly that is not an argument that any serious person should be putting out there.