Monday, May 25, 2009

Just ... well ... wow

Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » The definitive wingnut take on marriage
Every day thousands of ordinary heterosexual men surrender the dream of gratifying our immediate erotic desires. Instead, heroically, resignedly, we march up the aisle with our new brides, starting out upon what that cad poet Shelley called the longest journey, attired in the chains of the kinship system—a system from which you have been spared. Imitate our self-surrender.

The above quote is not from the rather sane DougJ at ballon juice, he is rightfully mocking it. Rather it is from this turd that fell off the dungheap that is the Weekly Standard.

It is a wonder that women marry wingnuts. It is, however, not a wonder that the most outwardly homophobic turn out to be closeted and sad.