Saturday, October 22, 2011

What The FIlibuster "saved us from"

Opinion: How I Learned to Love the Filibuster - WNYC:

"Obama and company would have likely been able to go much farther than the vast majority would have wanted them to in regards to health care reform and passed actual socialized healthcare legislation, without the filibuster, as well as not needed to pay for the program without moderates pressing that issue.

Without the filibuster, the stimulus package Obama passed would have been much more wasteful and directed even more so at special interest groups beholden to the left, just as the stimulus package Bush passed would have been the mirror opposite"

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Solomon Kleinsmith wanks away at his "aren't we great in the center" BS again.

There is no possible chance that there were 50 votes for "socialized health care legislation". That is just fucking fantasy. Further, President Obama has shown no tendency in that direction, ever.

As for the stimulus package ... if it would have been a 1.5 trillion dollar package that consisted of simply hiring people to dig and then fill in holes in the ground for 2 years then it would have increased aggregate demand and folks would have bought things and companies would have been looking to hire folks.

And people ask me why I think these soi disant centrist types are a bigger danger to our country than the GOP.


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