Saturday, September 24, 2011

Compassionate Conservatism Michigan Style

Balloon Juice » Michigan GOP: If Your Car is Too Fancy, No Food Stamps for You:
"Michigan has determined food assistance eligibility based only on income for roughly a decade. A new policy will include a review of certain financial assets starting Oct 1.

The requirements will affect new applicants right away and existing recipients when their cases come up for review, which typically happens once every six months.

Those with assets of more than $5,000 in bank accounts or some types of property would no longer be eligible for food assistance. Other assets that would count against the cap include vehicles with market values of more than $15,000 and second homes, depending on how much is owed on the properties."

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So basically the idea is to make sure that not only do you have no income but you have nothing left to sell.

These assholes really do long for the days of serfs don't they?

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