Saturday, October 8, 2011

Citizen's United Looks In Mirror And Doesn't Like What It Sees

David N. Bossie's response to 'Will Occupy Wall Street become a left-wing tea party?' - The Arena | POLITICO.COM: "The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is just a bunch of trust-fund babies, college students skipping class, and ex-hippies who are taking their cues from the likes of George Soros, Michael Moore, and other billionaires and millionaires who want to kill capitalism. To call “Occupy Wall Street” a left-wing tea party is an oxymoron. The tea party is a grassroots movement that was founded in local communities around America to protest the destructive policies of the Obama administration. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement was conceived at the Obama campaign headquarters to gin up the youth vote and liberals and has now been joined by radical left-wing AstroTurf groups like and Big Labor.


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