Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Right vs. Left: It Ain't a Fair Fight

Right vs. Left: It Ain't a Fair Fight: "Now imagine this scenario: David Axelrod, President Obama's top political adviser, leaking to two reporters the name of an undercover CIA officer because doing so helps the White House beat back criticism of a major national security decision. And add to that the White House covering up Axelrod's deed and Vice President Joe Biden's chief of staff being indicted (and eventually convicted) for lying to FBI agents about his own role in this affair. Conservatives would be going ape, accusing the Obama gang of helping the terrorists and endangering the safety of the nation. Republicans on the Hill would be talking of treason and calling for multiple investigations, some, no doubt, raising the prospect of impeachment. Fox News would be covering the story 24/7, as if it were the apocalypse. Rush Limbaugh would be in hog heaven. And Sarah Palin would be tweeting. (I'm sorry, my imagination is not sufficient to conjure up how Glenn Beck would respond.)"

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