Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rush Limbaugh vs Motor Trend

No More Mister Nice Blog: "It's awfully nice to see people stand up to Rush.  Lassa goes on to explain in detail how Rush's crusade against the Volt is based in fantasy, and was all created under, get this, Bush-era programs (and the takes George Will to task for the same distortions).  I'm curious as to how Limbaugh will exact his revenge.  I'm sure El Rushbo is having the House GOP work on it right now, because this time it's personal, baby.  So nice when a media figure has an entire political party to perform character assassinations with. I wonder how long Todd keeps his job.  My guess is he'll be pressured into a public apology and/or canned for this before Christmas, mainly because the article ends in this classic:"

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