Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yglesias and a fun hypothetical

If Supply-Side Economics Was True, Would Liberals Embrace It? | ThinkProgress:
"To play devil’s advocate here, is this really so implausible? It seems to me that I’ve read an awful lot about the evils of income inequality over the past 10 years. If cutting taxes on the rich increased inequality, but let the government raise revenue to finance much better bus service, is that something Kevin Drum would support? My impression, particularly over the past year, is that lots of my colleagues in the progressive blogosphere are in fact very worried about relative incomes and don’t believe that increased public services are a viable counterweight to a flatter income distribution. Right?"

The problem with the hypothetical is ... the premise is demonstrably not true so you might as well say "if the moon was made of green cheese ...".

Yeah, it is fun to play with hypotheticals but it is nice if they have at least a small anchor in reality otherwise it is just masturbatory nonsense and will turn out to be link bait for conservatives to say "even the liberal Matt Yglesias wonders this".

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