Sunday, June 5, 2011

Comment of the day - Lawyers, Guns & Money Edition

Sunday Crazy Blogging: Municipal Ordinance Edition. : Lawyers, Guns & Money:
"Here’s where I get offensive.

San Franciscans are very familiar with something we call “Greyhound Therapy”. That treatment modality consists of municipal officials (usually police officers) rounding up homeless people and giving them bus tickets (frequently to the Bay Area) and instructions not to return. Cities that have been caught pulling this include Phoenix and several Florida cities.

These cities are noted for having populations that largely self-identify as Christian, which leads them to interest themselves in California politics when it comes to issues like same-sex marriage. These same Christians seem to have skipped the Beatitudes and all that stuff about “the least of my brothers” and “when I was hungry you fed me” in favor of the brimstony bits.

Nice way to demonstrate faith."

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