Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oracle and I

I found this rundown of the various Oracle versions and what the big deal was about each.

My first Oracle was Version 5.

v. 2 (1979): the first commercial SQL RDBMS
v. 3 (1983): the first database to support SMP
v. 4 (1984): read-consistency, Database Buffer Cache
v. 5 (1986): Client-Server, Clustering, Distributing Database, SGA
v. 6 (1988): procedural language (PL/SQL), undo/redo, latches
v. 7 (1992): Library Cache, Shared SQL, Stored procedures, 64bit
v. 8/8i (1999): Object types, Java, XML
v. 9i (2000): Dynamic SGA, Real Application Clusters
v. 10g (2003): Enterprise Grid Computing, Self-Tuning, mutexes
v. 11g (2008): Results Cache, SQL Plan Management, Exadata 
v. 12c (2011): ?Cloud? Not yet released … to be continued

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