Monday, June 6, 2011

Myths about the Canadian Medical System

In defense of Canada | The Incidental Economist:
"Paul Krugman has been on a tear the last few days with a number of posts defending Canada’s Medicare. This was all leading up to his latest column, where he questioned why Medicare should be unsustainable in this country, when it’s sustainable there.

I’m sure we’re going to now face the usual howls of protest, comparing Canada’s health care system to a death sentence. So let me summarize a few of my past posts to try and pre-empt some of the false rhetoric."

Now, I don't want to see comments with links to horrible anecdotes that show why the Canadian systems sucks because someone's aunt had to wait 6 months for a new hip. For every one of those I will send you 5 links of people that have been cut off by their insurance company or forced to work for a company that is abusive because they have a pre-existing condition and would be refused coverage if they changed laws. Or I could just photocopy a couple of the bills that my insurance company doesn't feel like paying because .. well they don't feel like covering them.

Go read the rest of the post, it is a good read.

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