Sunday, September 23, 2007

Price of a life -- $164.50

A 51-year-old woman has been charged in connection with a collision that killed a motorcyclist earlier this month in Halifax.

The Dartmouth woman was issued a ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for failing to yield the right-of-way when making a left turn, Halifax Regional Police said Thursday.

The penalty starts at $164.50.
At some point doesn't "failure to yield" become "manslaughter". Maybe when you kill someone?

The thing about this that gets to me is that my brother had an accident almost precisely like this about 20 years ago. Fortunately he survived the experience but I had the opportunity some time later to be standing in a bank line in front of the woman that ran him down and heard her recounting how terrible it was that threatened to take her license from her after it happened. Not that they actually did, just that they would have the temerity to even think about it.

And no, I didn't turn around and punch her in the face.

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