Thursday, December 23, 2010

McCain Taking on a More Vocal Role, Becoming a Kingmaker? | Rise of the Center

McCain Taking on a More Vocal Role, Becoming a Kingmaker? | Rise of the Center: "
Perhaps it’s premature for me to say this, but I suspect that these may be the beginnings of McCain’s status as a kingmaker. If some defense issue becomes the centerpiece of the 2012 election, his endorsement could become vital. It might not even matter how much money he has to donate or how many adoring fans he has. He may be the only person in Congress who is capable of being a political force all on his own.
Here is why I think that the "NoLabels" or Centrists are ultimately doomed to failure. If "Shouting at clouds" John McCain is a kingmaker within the GOP then those that would be king are going to be loons. There will be no center in any GOP that is in that state. Since the system is set up for 2 parties the NoLabels people have to pick a side ... which will it be? I predict that they will come down on the side of the GOP.


  1. Could you possibly have taken this any more out of context? Jess was saying McCain is angling to be a kingmaker INSIDE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, which is obvious if you read the whole post.

    McCain lost his appeal with the center when he started pandering to the far right to help him get the GOP nod, which led to many independents, who he had previously been quite popular with, leaving his side.

    No Labels won't come down on either side. It will side with whoever is actually working to find common ground and get work done on our problems. Thats going to end up meaning some individual dems and some reps, but both parties are lost.

  2. Solomon,

    Since you were so impolite as to question my reading abilities I will have to question yours. I explicitly describe McCain as desirous of being a kingmaker within the GOP.

    I have read the so far stated positions of No Labels and in most cases where there is a choice required they are FAR more easily looked at from a conservative point of view than a liberal one. I am sorry that you took it as an insult that you will come down on the GOP side of the playing field but unless you come up with a plan for a real third party (something that i would support btw) then you WILL have to choose sides or end up being marginalized.

    I think that there is room for a real "middle" party in this country (maybe two), I just don't think that you folks are serious about being it.

    Prove me wrong. I would be delighted!


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