Friday, December 24, 2010

These people are moderates or independents?

The day when Bernard Goldberg and David Frum are viewed as moderate or independent is the day when i need to start stonger meds.

With all due respect to my new friends at Rise of the Center it is delusional to think of these two gentlemen as anything other than staunch conservatives. Just because they are not Tea Partiers it does not follow that they are centrist. Have we really become that incapable of reason in this country that we need to redefine terms this broadly?

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  1. I assume you picked up these from the centersphere twitter list?

    I think Frum is a moderate republican/conservative, although certainly no centrist. I'm not as familiar with Goldberg, but he's been described as a moderate by others and so I included him on the list. I'm no centrist zealot... the centersphere to me is a big tent.


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