Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All You Need To Know About Corporate Media

The key information can be found in just a couple of short quotes from this article describing Katie Couric's remarks at the National Press club.
“Everyone in this room would agree that people in this country were misled in terms of the rationale of this war,” said Couric, adding that it is “pretty much accepted” that the war in Iraq was a mistake.

And I remember feeling, when I was anchoring the ‘Today’ show, this inevitable march towards war and kind of feeling like, ‘Will anybody put the brakes on this?’ And is this really being properly challenged by the right people? And I think, at the time, anyone who questioned the administration was considered unpatriotic and it was a very difficult position to be in.”
In other words, even though she really didn't support it in the beginning she was too gutless to stand up and say "wait a minute" and fact check what was going on because someone might have called her a mean name. Yup, that is who I want to trust to get my news.

The truly sad part is that she probably thinks she is being brave for admitting this. God help us all.

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