Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Then just frigging ask them

A new survey says more than 10 per cent of doctors who moved to the United States after graduating from a Canadian medical school would seriously consider returning home to Canada to practise.

The Canadian Medical Association conducted the survey in April. It shows 13 per cent of respondents would be "likely" or "very likely" to return home while more than half of the almost 1,540 respondents would be willing to hear about practice opportunities in Canada.

Canada has a serious shortage of doctors and it is only going to get worse. What better way to get back on track than to have the ones that were trained in Canada, at enormous taxpayer expense I might add, come back home.

There are about 8000 Canadian trained doctors in the US. My quick math says that it would be possible to get 1000 of them to move home. That would get the equivalent of about 1/2 of one year's graduates(pdf) from all Canadian medical schools. Not a lot, but a start

Full story at cbc.ca

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