Sunday, October 7, 2007

David Broder ...sigh

Congress as a whole rated only 29 percent approval, down 14 points from its start in January. The reason: People think it has been spinning its wheels. By 82 percent to 16 percent, those polled said it has accomplished little or nothing this year. Half blame Bush and the Republicans; a quarter, the Democrats; and a separate fifth, both parties.

Cole, who admits Republicans hurt themselves in 2006 with scandals and out-of-control spending, said the poll confirmed for him a comment he heard this week from a Republican colleague. Speaking of the Democrats, he said, "My God, they're dragging themselves down to our level."

It all adds up, Cole said, to a political environment reminiscent of 1992 -- a tough year for entrenched incumbents of both parties who suddenly saw their margins shrink or disappear. "The American people are rising up in disgust," Cole said, "and incumbents will pay. It's not anti-Republican anymore. It's anti-Washington."

And that, boys and girls, is why it is very important to keep our eye on the ball. It is in the interests of the Republicans for the government to look ineffective.
Everyone that cares about the direction of the country after the next election has to remember how we got in this mess. It was because we had a President who is incompetent and a bunch of Republican lapdogs (with some Bush Dogs tossed in) let him do everything that popped into his head without providing any meaningful oversight.

Imagine, if you will, Hillary Clinton with a Republican House and Senate. Not a pretty picture is it?

If any of the following things is true:
  • If you care about getting some sort of national health care that actually covers everyone
  • If you care about getting the hell out of Iraq in your lifetime
  • If you care about getting back to having a country that is actually admired around the world rather than one that is scorned or pitied
  • If you care that we are not taking care of our national infrastructure
  • If you care about having an immigration policy that reflects what the country needs rather than just "build a wall and ship them home"
then it is incumbent on you to keep reminding your friends that the reason that "nothing gets done" is because everytime something good comes along it is either obstructed by the Republicans and the small group of enabler Democrats or vetoed by the President.

Remember, friends don't let friends vote Republican.

Read the horror show that is David Broder at
I want to thank Atrios for forcing me to read this.

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