Thursday, October 11, 2007

waiting for the world's best 12 year old

Not that anyone cares, but this is my blog so ...

My 12 year old is visiting me from Nova Scotia for a couple days and I am so absolutely thrilled to see her that I can barely express it.

Being divorced isn't really that bad. Actually, my ex and I get along great and she regularly calls me "the world's best ex-husband". But being a Dad and living a 90 minute flight (and a 90 minute drive) away from my daughter really sucks. I know that I chose to live this far away but ... sigh

Yeah, Yeah.. I know.. stop whining Rob

Anyway ... not sure if I have any "regular readers", I doubt it but hey you never know , but if I do.. I won't likely be posting much the next few days. Talk among yourselves.
air canada sucks .. just saying that as i sit around my living room waiting to hear if the flight from NS is going to be delayed again

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