Sunday, October 7, 2007

Glenn Greenwald hits it out of the park, again

That is the core ideology of the Beltway political class. Even when the President gets caught breaking the law, it is the duty of Democrats to "compromise" by going to the White House and figuring out how to write nice legislation to make the whole thing legal. If they don't do that, it means they are listening to the vile radicals who control their party and they will lose, and they deserve to.

It is a perfect reflection of our political process to go and read the two Sunday Op-Eds by the Washington Post's Very Serious and Well-Regarded columnists and see that both of them contain nothing but one quote after the next from Bush loyalists, reciting the Bush storyline perfectly and without a molecule of critical thought.

That is how our opinion-making elite functions -- still. They go to their favorite GOP Beltway friends, write down what they say, and then announce that the only way for Democrats to avoid disaster is to repudiate their rabid, angry, radical partisan base and to join in with the heroic efforts of the honorable, Serious Bush warriors to protect America and find Serious solutions to our problems. That trite storyline -- and the slothful, deceitful template for advancing it -- never dies, even as the entire country outside of their Thirty-Percenter comrades has abandoned it. Anyone who has doubts about whether that is true should just read each paragraph of the Ignatius and Broder columns today.

Go read the rest of this truly excellent essay at Salon because it says everything that I keep thinking about punditry.

Fortunately, he can actually write, so it makes sense.

Unlike my scribblings on the matter.

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