Sunday, October 7, 2007

Incomplete tasks ...

Probably no one in the White House has seen Iraq up close more than Meghan O'Sullivan. She served as an adviser to initial U.S. occupation Administrator L. Paul Bremer in Baghdad before Bush brought her to the White House, where she became deputy national security adviser for Iraq and Afghanistan. When she decided to move on last spring, Bush asked her to wait for a few months and spend the summer in Iraq helping to push political leaders there toward reconciliation, a task as yet incomplete.

I think that calling political reconciliation in Iraq "incomplete" is pretty indicative of what is wrong with media coverage of the people that brought us the Iraq debacle. Call it what it is, an abject failure. The government is in worse shape with fewer members in the coalition than it was in on January 1, 2007. Meghan O'Sullivan's "pushing" did nothing positive.

I am tired of it sounding like they have been working so hard and "well darn it things just didn't quite work out yet". These people broke a country (two if you want to count the mess they made over here) and they don't have the vaguest idea as to how to fix it. They should not be allowed to hold any job of significant responsibility again ... ever.

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