Thursday, October 11, 2007

NFL in Toronto

Believing there is a real possibility of an NFL franchise coming to Toronto, the owners of the Toronto Argonauts have begun laying the groundwork to buy that team in partnership with other owners in the CFL.

David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski, who purchased the Argos out of bankruptcy in the fall of 2003, have long worried that the arrival of a National Football League team might endanger the 130-year-old franchise, wipe out their substantial investment in the Canadian Football League, and damage the viability of the league as a whole.

I think that while this is an interesting story I have to agree with Bob McCown at The Fan that there will never be an NFL team in Toronto as long as the the economics of the league are driven by the US television contract. Last time that I looked, the ratings for Toronto do not show up when Neilsen does its thing for Monday Night Football.

Read more at the Globe and Mail

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