Sunday, March 13, 2011

Politco Comment of the day

POLITICO Forums:POLITICO CLICK: Obama, Daniels score laughs -

The band struck up Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A.," drawing big laughs from the some 650 government officials, political figures, news executives and journalists in gathered at the Washington Renaissance hotel for the club's 126th anniversary.

I am glad that these slobs think it is funny that our Commander in Chief may be a foreign born imposter. He spends millions hiding his past from the American people with the help of the corrupt news organizations who cheer him for doing it. I have to question the sanity of our media and our gov't officials who think this is the least bit funny. We have an economy on the brink of disaster, the middle east in complete upheval, Japan completely destroyed, a health care bill that even the Democrats won't talk about, and what does our President do this week? He talks about school bullying, Equal pay for women, and has a party at the white house to watch basketball. After that he golfs and puts on a stand up comedy routine at a dinner for his worshipers. Even if you voted for this man who calls himself President of the U.S. you cannot be happy with his track record. He seems completely oblivious the seriousness of the problems around him. My assesment is that he is a very immature, arrogant man who has had every opportunity in life handed to him because of the fabricated image he has built for himself. If you voted for him the first time, realize you made a big mistake and correct it.

Shawn L.
Dear Shawn L,

Go fuck yourself

Love Rob :)

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