Saturday, March 19, 2011

Andrew Sullivan on Libya

This Is Not A "No-Fly Zone" - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan:

"By changing the narrative, by not letting the Arab world find its own equilibrium, the administration may have unwittingly done damage to the revolutionary momentum.How many time can one insist: this is not about us. But Clinton, reared in the 1990s, cannot resist interjecting the US where it does not belong. And Obama's alleged remark - 'days, not weeks' - is a hostage to fortune. Let me just say I will hold the president to his word. After a week, if the US has not withdrawn its forces from the Mediterranean, we should ask Obama: why not?"

This is fucking rich coming from the man that spent half his time cheerleading the invasion of Iraq.
Yeah, I know that he now says he was wrong but some of us knew it was a dumb fucking idea (as this is) from the start.

Andrew Sullivan as concern troll. I think that he is hanging around with Conor F too much

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