Friday, March 18, 2011

Insane Townhall Comment of the day

John Kerry's Recycled Government Slush Fund Recipe - Michelle Malkin - Townhall Conservative: "Yes a Muslim!
What 'Christian would change his name to Hussein?
What Christian would cover a crusifix of Jesus in a speech?
What Christian would forsake Israel's Biblical land to her enemies?
What Christian would encourage abortions with fed dollars?
What Christian would bow to a Muslim King?
What Christian would deny Christian prayer yet support Muslim prayer in public arenas?
What Christian would skip prayer breakfast, but attend it's Muslim version?
Yeah.. simply by his actions I can see where lib hack idiots would believe he's not a Muslim. Oh wait... You guys say he isn't a Muslim because he and his handlers say he isn't. I say that makes you guys twice as stupid for believing face value what a politician tells you.
One born every minute
Words of wisdom; 'You will know a tree by it's fruits."

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