Monday, October 1, 2007

Red Bull promotion near Halifax schools halted

A complaint from Nova Scotia's health promotion office has put an end to a Red Bull giveaway near high schools in the province.

Minister of Health Promotion Barry Barnet said the makers of the popular energy drink told him Wednesday that the student-oriented promotions were a mistake, and will stop.

He said according to a Red Bull representative, the giveaway was an error by marketers in the Atlantic region and not part of a national campaign.

The drink contains caffeine, vitamins, an amino acid and carbohydrates that the company claims can boost a person's energy.

Barnet's office contacted Red Bull on Wednesday after hearing that it was handing out free samples of the beverage to Halifax-area high school students, driving near schools in cars sporting a Red Bull slogan.
This simply astonished me. Obviously I am not yet cynical enough.


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