Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wrong Choice on Healthcare

The usually astute folks at TPM don't have this one quite right.

The real choice is whether there is going to be universal single payer healthcare or if there is still going to be the possibility of going bankrupt from health care costs. As long as there is a profit motive built into the system there will be some folks that will fall through the cracks.

The rule should be "if you get sick, you get healthcare". And further, if this is a tax-payer funded program there is actually incentive to have good preventative care programs because there is only one possible place that the funds come from. It is simply not in the interest of a profit-minded company to encourage preventative care, especially for children, because they can easily make the calculation that a certain percentage of the folks that they are paying for now will not be on their books by the time the BIG outlays come later in life.

Now, how hard is that?

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